Key Labelling Tool

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The Key Labelling Tool is a simple tool to label the key fields on some telephones and sidecar modules without self key labelling function.

Current version: V10.0

Using the Key Labelling Tool online

Download the Key Labelling Tool for local use

Supported Telephones

The telephones
OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G, optiPoint 420 economy, optiPoint 420 economy plus, optiPoint 420 standard, optiPoint 420 advance, optiPoint self labelling key module, OpenStage 20, OpenStage 20 T, OpenStage 40, OpenStage 40 T, OpenStage 60, OpenStage 60 T, OpenStage 80, OpenStage 80 T and many OpenStage Key Modules
use the self labelling key technology with LCD label displays.

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