OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40

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The OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40 can be used with an OpenStage 60 HFAOpenStage 40 HFA, OpenStage 40 T, OpenStage 30 T and OpenStage 60 T phones on HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000 and HiPath OpenOffice.


  • 90 additional freely programmable keys with LEDs; function, speed dial or line keys.
  • Available colors: ice blue or lava.
  • At most one Busy Lamp Field per telephone is possible. No combination with an OpenStage Key Modules.
  • When connected to a TDM phone the BLF needs a separate power supply.
  • OpenStage 60/60 G: Only following OpenStage 60/60 G hardware revisions in conjunction with a SW version starting with OpenStage HFA V2 R0.95.0 are supported:
  • OpenStage 60 G HFA ice blue: S30817-S7403-B101-30 or higher
  • OpenStage 60 G HFA lava: S30817-S7403-B103-30 or higher
  • OpenStage 60 HFA ice blue: S30817-S7403-D101-30 or higher
  • OpenStage 60 HFA lava: S30817-S7403-D103-30 or higher

Key Labelling

To label the keys of this BLF you can use the Key Labelling Tool.