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This page gives you an general overview of available training media for OpenStage phones. Beyond the videos already available, this section will be regularly updated to provide more insight into other OpenStage functionality. So bookmark this site or the domain name and come back regularly for updates!


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Instructor: Robert Arandjelovic, Product Marketing Devices

Video Training

Learning to use a feature-rich enterprise phone is a visual, interactive process that can be difficult to explain simply with words or diagrams. As such, a series of brief videos have been prepared to provide a thorough explanation of how to best take advantage of the features on the OpenStage phones. Simply click on the the Video link beside any of the features you would like to learn more about, and the relevant video will be streamed directly from your web browser.

OpenStage Training is also available for OpenStage 40 US.


Content OpenStage
Length OpenStage 40 Length OpenStage 60/80 Length Description
The basics
Basic Call Handling Video 01:40 Video 04:17 Video 03:56 Comprehensive overview.
Place a Call Video 00:44 Video 02:31 Video 02:01 Three ways to make a phone call.
Answer a Call Video 00:37 Video 00:43 Video 00:42 Various methods to answer a call.
End a Call Video 00:27 Video 00:33 Video 00:34 Various methods to end a call.
Using Headset --- --- Video 00:45 Video 00:54 Call features by using the headset. See also Pairing a Bluetooth Headset
How to use the features
Advanced Call Handling Video 07:29 Video 10:15 Video 10:18 Comprehensive overview.
Hold/Retrieve a Call Video 00:49 Video 01:27 Video 01:28 Hold/Retrieve a call using context menu or FPK.
Make a Conference Call Video 01:05 Video 01:32 Video 01:49 Conference call using context menu.
Transfer a Call Video 02:30 Video 04:02 Video 03:51 Describes three different ways to transfer a call.
Programming Call Forwarding Video 02:45 Video 02:47 Video 02:39 Programming Call Forwarding, turning Call Forwarding on/off.
Deflecting a Call Video 01:17 Video 01:33 Video 01:45 Deflect a call; deflect to Voicemail using FPK.
Advanced telephony
Dialing from Caller List Video 00:57 Video 01:54 Video 01:50 Using the missed, dialed, received, forwarded call lists
Audio Features Video 01:07 Video 01:31 Video 01:02 Mute, switching to Speakerphone/Handset mode
Saving a Function to a Key Video 01:21 Video 01:37 Video 01:33 Programming an FPK (Free Programmable Key)
Using Context Menu --- --- Video 01:11 Video 01:30 How to use the context menu
Pairing a Bluetooth Headset --- --- --- --- Video 02:38 How to pair and use a Bluetooth Headset.
New in V2R2
New Features --- --- Video 02:53 Video 02:38 Advanced features in software version V2R2
OpenStage Manager
Overview --- --- --- --- Video 09:56 Using the OpenStage Manager
Installing the application --- --- --- --- Video 01:39 Install the application on a Windows PC
Connecting the phone --- --- --- --- Video 01:04 Configure the OpenStage Connection Service to provide a permanent binding between PC and phone.
Synchronization with Outlook --- --- --- --- Video 02:23 Manage the personal phonebook at the phone. Do an automatic synchronization between Outlook contacts and OpenStage phonebook including pictures.
Backup/Restore --- --- --- --- Video 01:34 Backup and Restore your personal date from and to the phone.
FPK programming --- --- --- --- Video 01:11 Configure the free programmable keys on the phone from you PC.
Screensaver --- --- --- --- Video 00:55 Convert your phone to a digital picture frame showing your own pictures.
Ringtones --- --- --- --- Video 01:24 Let your phone rock.

Quick Reference Cards

Quick Reference Cards help users become acquainted with the core functionality of their OpenStage phones. Open the PDF in your web browser, or download it directly to your PC. Most of the "Important Operating Procedures" contain links that lead videos providing a more in-depth explanation and demonstration of the features.

Print out the Quick Reference Card and put it under your phone for a quick lookup of a desired function.

To get a high-quality printed version of this Quick Reference Card, please contact your local sales partner. The Quick Reference Cards can be ordered at our KOMM Shop too (language can be changed in the shop).

Phone Software Quick Reference Card
OpenStage 15

The support for this SIP version has been discon­tinued!
pdf.png  Quick Reference Card OpenStage 15 SIP
zip.png  Graphic Sources
OpenStage 40

The support for this SIP version has been discon­tinued!
pdf.png  Quick Reference Card OpenStage 40 SIP
zip.png  Graphic Sources
OpenStage 60/80

The support for this SIP version has been discon­tinued!
pdf.png  Quick Reference Card OpenStage 60-80 SIP
zip.png  Graphic Sources

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