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With Bluetooth on OpenStage you have the ability to connect your OpenStage 60/80 telephone with your mobile phone and send vCards, or connect a headset and use it.

  • The following OpenStage 60T models offer Bluetooth support
Model Name Item Number Feature Number
OpenStage 60 T ice-blue with Bluetooth support
OpenStage 60 T lava with Bluetooth support
  • The following OpenStage 60T models do not offer Bluetooth support
Model Name Item Number Feature Number
OpenStage 60 T ice-blue without Bluetooth support
OpenStage 60 T lava without Bluetooth support


Administration of the Bluetooth feature is available in WBM and in the phone menu. To use Bluetooth, it has to be activated in the administration menu.

Further settings are available in the user menu.

Phone menu

Screen01.jpg Screen02.jpg
Phone menu > SettingsUserConfiguration BluetoothConfiguration

Enter the User menu and go to Configuration and select the menu item Bluetooth.

There you can find the menu items Configuration, Paired devices and Blacklist.

In the Configuration you can choose necessary settings, you can activate Bluetooth and make the phone discoverable or change the name of the phone and you can decide how the phone pairs with other devices.

On Paired devices you can see the device which where connected to the phone and add new devices on this list. The Blacklist is to block device, so that they can't connect to the phone.


WBM bluetooth menu.JPG WBM bluetooth options.JPG WBM bluetooth options selected.JPG WBM bluetooth options paired.JPG
WBM > User PagesUser Configuration Bluetooth Active, Discoverable and Pairing Last connected device

Select User Pages > User Configuration > Bluetooth

The Bluetooth-menu contains essential settings, which are needed to communicate with the phone via bluetooth.

To communicate with the phone you have to select Activate and Discoverable Options, so you can find the phone via Bluetooth. In Pairing Mode you can define, how the phone paires with another Bluetooth device. You have to enter a PIN for pairing, you will be prompted to enter the PIN on the connected Bluetooth device.

On last connected device you can see, which device was connected last to the phone.

Pairing a device

Screen03.jpg Screen04.jpg Screen05.jpg
Phone menu > SettingsUserConfigurationBluetoothPaired devices OptionsPair device List of Nearby Bluetooth devices

To pair a device with the phone, enter the User menu, than Configuration and select Bluetooth, there choose Paired devices. There you select Options and open the context menu and choose Add device, then the phone will search Bluetooth devices which are nearby.

When the phone finishes the search, a list with all found devices will apear. On this list, you can select the device you want to connect to. Some devices need a pairing code which was set on the device, just enter the code and your phone get paired. Paired devices are on the pairing list now.

Learn more about pairing a Bluetooth headset by training video.


Headsets with Headset Profile can be still used, Headsets with Hands Free Profile will be supported in the future.

Using wideband codec (G.722) together with Bluetooth headsets leads to extra noise. If possible, try to avoid the combination of G.722 codec and Bluetooth headsets.

vCard transmission

How to send and receive vCards see pdf.png  User Manual OpenStage 60-80 HFA HP3000-HP5000 on page 165.

Bluetooth headsets

See OpenStage Headsets.

How to use Bluetooth headsets with OpenStage phones see pdf.png  User Manual OpenStage 60-80 HFA HP3000-HP5000 on page 167.

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