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The OpenStage HFA Release Notes help you to find, in descending order:

  • New implemented features
  • Corrected bugs
  • Known and still open issues (eventually with workarounds)

for each specific OpenStage HFA phone software version considered.

Software versioning / naming

A new software versioning scheme was introduced, it requires that a new versioning name should be adopted for each software product.
Software product version will be now identified with the string:

V x[.y] R m.f.h

in which field:

  • x[.y] denotes the Major release level
  • m denotes the Minor release level
  • f denotes the Fix release level
  • h denotes the Hotfix level

This naming convention scheme does not imply any naming requirements for file / files available.

More informations on the New Software Versioning scheme wiki page.

OpenStage / DeskPhone IP HFA V3

Known & Open Issues

Summary Workaround
Restart in case of excessive network EAPOL Flooding Prevent excessive network flooding

V3 R0.40.0

What's New?

Area Summary Notes
EULA Information EULA License Information available in Web Based management.

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
General Topics Several Security Fixes

V3 R0.39.4

What's New?

Area Summary Notes

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA15556328 Phone isn't completely ignoring Audio States that are marked as Invalid
NA15549642 Reproducible CRASH in Pickup Group and Hunt Group
NA15549642 Not ringing device in case of Huntgroup and Pickup Call signalling at the same time
NA15518398 Gbit phones do not offer LAN/PC port speed value "1Gbit/s full duplex" in localAdmin
NA15501549 Gateview Script Directory no longer created when upgrading from V2 to V3

V3 R0.39.2

What's New?

Area Summary Notes
HPT Interface HPT Service Dongle should be no longer required at customer side A dongle file is no longer necessary to enable access for HPT interface

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA15507352 Phone with TLS won't reconnect after GW restart
NA15475068 HFA phones not working with H235 active
NA15454846 "hiccup" noise audible in the beginning of 30% of the established calls
NA15397586 Variable Call Forwarding on OS4k does work different when connected to OS4k V8
NA15377339 Echo and Noise generated from phone
NA14692329 Host Name is not send after upgrade in DHCP Discover

V3 R0.39.0

What's New?

Area Summary Notes
Security TLS 1.2 for HFA implementation The phone does support TLS1.2 and the Gateway Loadware V7 R2.23.7 (HF004585) or later is required on OpenScape 4000 V7 R2 to use this Software Version.

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA15315943 Crash when initiating a DLS Read Items for the "Features"
NA15286363 Changed behavior of LED and handling of Settings key after V3 R0.33.1
NA15227789 Initialization error
NA15183772 Sporadic issues with mobility and key labeling
NA15178165 Call is directly disconnected after Connected (Rapid Hook off/On)
NA15174768 OpenStage phones V3R0.36.0 reboot during Qualys Security Scan
NA14972788 OS40 Signaling of forwarded calls cut's of number/name

V3 R0.36.0

What's New?

Area Summary
Security TLS 1.2 for HFA implementation
TLS Support: The phone does support TLS1.2 but due to a restriction with TLS in the current Gateway Loadware for

OpenScape 4000 V7 R2 the following mandatory configuration on the Web Based Management of each Gateway need to be done for using Signaling and Payload Encryption (SPE): Configuration -> SPE -> SPE Security Setup -> TLS Protocol Version: Change the Setting to “TLS 1.0 only”.

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA14999897 OS40 doesn't continue with P&P after link down/up
NA14903629 802.1x issues with OpenStage 40 D02/H02
NA14854471 Phone doesn't clear its display after conference is finished
NA14671571 Sporadic reboots of OpenStage 60

V3 R0.35.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA14773155 Phones stop working with fixed port speed
NA14732373 OS40 with TLS crashed (some crashed in libHfaStack, some because of

lack memory)

NA14708234 Strong delays for H.323 messages if several Cornet Messages are received

at the same time

NA14693182 Call timer display is blank for 5s in 2line display phones
NA14628765 No Communication between Phone and DLS
NA14394757 XML-application behavior when in error state
NA13422707 Sporadic no acoustic ringing on incoming call

V3 R0.33.1

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA14584548 No way connection after Toggle with BT Headset
NA14420586 DIP35 Eco phones get stuck at booting screen during update
NA14379912 OS15 reboot when ringing with maximum volume
NA14374341 Sporadic OpenStage PC Port will not work anymore if uptime is > 240 days

V3 R0.33.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA14607014 Crash after Scan for Endpoints using DLS interface
NA14388341 OS40 Crash during Call Attempt
NA14388341 OS40 Crash on Startup: 2nd part of Crash during Call Attempt
NA14358830 Ringer volume in V3R0.28.0 is different from V3R0.23.3 on OS HI
NA14324037 DPIP55G Crash
NA14300408 OS60 crashed after synchronizing phonebook with OSM
NA14242165 "Caller.Unknown.XXX" is shown as call forwarding target on OSBiz

V3 R0.28.0

What's New?

Area Summary
Functionality Ensure usage of E.164 number, the configured E.164 number of the device will no longer change in DLS and Mobility data is now identified using a separate item to identify the mobile user data.
Functionality Data privacy mode on OpenStage 15/20/40 and DPIP35G, same functionality as on OpenStage 60/DPIP55G
Functionality Data Mobility Mode on OpenStage 15/20/40 and DPIP35G, same functionality as on OpenStage 60/DPIP55G
Functionality OCSP Support
Functionality OpenStage Manager Support for OpenStage 15/20/40 and DPIP35G, only for Phone book edit
Functionality Smooth Software Upgrade from SIP to HFA, upgrade from SIP to HFA does no longer require a Factory Reset
Security None/Trusted/Full certification support
Security DLS Secure Mode PIN
Security Software binds are now signed by Unify

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA14241996 First Bootup of phones does not use the DHCP supplied network mask
NA14228952 Phone Crash with V3 R0.23.3 and TLS
NA14151342 OS40 restarts with H02 error
NA14087442 Pictures for Contacts are displayed smaller during call with V3 R0.23.x as in V3 R0.18.x
NA14065031 OS40 calls break after 6s with HY2 error, then recover back to service
NA14049602 Phone freezes and crashes during a call
NA14020650 Phone goes out of service after HY2 and does not relogon
NA14013345 Phone stops communication with Gateway
NA14008648 Screensaver on OpenStage 60 with Gateview does not work
NA14008091 DataMob: Default Screensaver Pictures are always added to Mobile User Profile
NA14008032 DPIP55G crashed
NA14005713 OpenStage Restart after HY2 Error
NA14004922 OpenStage get's new IP on Mobile HFA Logon/Logoff
NA13986112 OS40 HFA crashed in idle
NA13984669 Phone goes to HY2 after receiving call
NA13929239 DPIP PC port does not come up after restart (fixed network speed)
NA13894656 Keyset phone in call shows "number unavailable" after HP4K softrestart
NA13890275 FPKs display unknown characters with Chinese
NA13862317 OS60 Mobile HFA Restart via WEB sporadic logs out Mobile User
NA13680275 Gateview keys periodically lose the key layout

V3 R0.23.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA13850822 Changing port speed does not work without reset of phone
NA13652716 Phone crash after internal or external Call
NA13609713 OS40 Mailbox LED off after access of local menu
NA13604530 OpenStage HFA V3 R0 displays HY2 on Call Attempt
NA13590261 Sporadic missing "Missing Configuration Items" Popup
NA13526284 OpenStage 40 HFA evolved into OS80
NA13526284 OpenStage 40 does not boot any more
NA13454941 Phone crash in call or idle (NO TLS)
NA13441406 After H02 Message and Call Forward key press, not possible to use call forward again also Settings Menu is empty
NA13380446 Not possible to set DOMAIN-Name via DLS
NA13321142 Call Duration time not showing correct time, always starts with 0
NA13261344 Phone restart during conversation
NA13212995 OpenStage HFA V3 R0 Phone with identity crisis (OS40 US)
NA13082701 OpenStage HFA show Picture Clip in the Released call Information bar.

What's New?

General information HFA V3

What’s New?

Area Summary
New HFA Workpoints The OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G / IP 55G phones (DPIP35/55) represent a new generation of desk phone with completely new physical housing.

Main differences OpenScape Desk Phones to OpenStage:

  • New functional optimized industrial design, available either with text or icons on the keys and in two colors (for icon variant)
  • Headset port available for OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G
  • Easier navigation for OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G by Soft-keys
  • Features same as comparable OpenStage IP phones, so that mixed configuration can be smoothly supported (same Software)
  • Due to design optimization, OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G can be offered to a lower price, than comparable OpenStage IP phones
Functionality LDAP on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G. This feature provides user access to centralized (corporate) directories on LDAP base direct on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G.
Functionality Local Phone Book on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G. This feature provides user access to a local phone book direct on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenDesk Phone IP 35G. The local phone book is restricted to 100 entries. Each entry (contact) consists of three attributes: last name, first name and number. Editing of a contact can be done locally or via WBM interface.
Functionality Support of Bluetooth Hands-free Profile (HFP).
Usability Distinctive Ringing (providing different ring tones). A new node called “Ringer” is placed at the User menu, this will have two sub-nodes, one allowing the user to set the mode (local or Hipath) and the other giving access to list of configurable local (distinctive) ringers.
Usability Volume Indicator

This feature introduces audible feedback of changes made to ringer volume (while the phone is not involved in a call) for OpenStage 60/80 and OpenScape Desk Phone IP55G.

License Issue Replacement of 3rd Party H.323 Stack. With the Version HFA V3, the current implemented 3rd party H.323 stack is replaced by a stackless solution as well as with an Unify own compatible H.323 stack. For SME was decided to abandon H.323 protocol and extend CorNet protocol. This was introduced with V2R1 HFA to support OpenScape Business. The Unify own H.323 stack is backward compatible with former 3rd party H.323 stack.
License Issue Downgrade Protection to avoid a download with HFA Phone Software containing former 3rd party H.323 stack
License Issue OpenStage 60: Removing and Replacing Java

As already done for SIP, with V3R0 HFA, the Java based functionality was replaced by existing phone application software (e.g. XML parser for the XML generic application platform).

Security Linux Kernel Upgrade

To keep up-to date with recent kernel development, as well as getting security fixes and bugs corrected, a kernel upgrade was done for the Unify HFA Desktop phone family.

Security SHA-2 for digital signatures / certificates. The phone supports the SHA-2 family of hash functions (in addition to SHA-1):
  • SHA224,
  • SHA256,
  • SHA384 and
  • SHA512.

A certificate signature encoded using any of these algorithms can be handled.

Security MTLS based device authentication

The phone supports client certificates for mutual authentication (when the server also authenticates the phone) of selected secure interfaces. A client certificate identifies the device (not current user) to the server.

Security Configure USB port

A new Admin level local menu only item is introduced with this Version to disable the USB port at a low level.

Network OpenStage 60 LLDP-MED Message with 5 W

OpenStage 60 (backlit version) can advertise via LLDP-MED a power value that fits PoE class 2 with up to 2 sidecars but provided that USB is disabled at start-up. OpenStage 60G (backlit version) can advertise via LLDP-MED a power value that fits PoE Class 2, but only if USB is disabled and no sidecars are plugged in. This new feature can be used it at least these HW Revisions are used:

  • S30817-S7403-D101-30 for OpenStage 60 HFA iceblue,
  • S30817-S7403-D103-30 for OpenStage 60 HFA lava,
  • S30817-S7403-B101-30 for OpenStage 60 G HFA iceblue,
  • S30817-S7403-B103-30 for OpenStage 60 G HFA lava

OpenStage HFA V2

This version is out of support

OpenStage HFA V1

This version is out of support

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