optiPoint 500

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The support for this product has been discontinued!
Please visit Devices to get further information about the current product portfolio.

The optiPoint 500 phone family is a set of digital system telephones for the traditional HiPath/Hicom communication systems.

op500adv-ap.jpg op410std-ap.jpg op410ent-ap.jpg
optiPoint 500 advance optiPoint 500 economy
optiPoint 500 basic
optiPoint 500 standard
optiPoint 500 entry

Phone range

Starting with an entry model (optiPoint 500 entry) without a display there are 5 phone models up to the optiPoint 500 advance with a 2-line display and 19 programmable keys.

Add-on devices, Adapters and Accessories

The following accessories are available for the optiPoint 500 phone family:

For details which accessory is available for which phone model please see the data sheet.

Key Labelling

To label the function keys of this telephone you can use the Key Labelling Tool.