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The following '''OpenStage accessories''' will be available in a future step:
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== OpenStage Key Module ==
For [[OpenStage 40]], [[OpenStage 60]] and [[OpenStage 80]].
The following '''OpenStage accessories''' is available for [[OpenStage]] telephones:
* 12 additional freely programmable keys with [[LED]]s; function, speed dial or line keys (multiple layers)
'''Keypad accessory:'''
* Large graphical display for key labeling.
* [[OpenStage Key Modules]]
* In ice blue, lava or silber blue metallic.
* [[OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40]]
'''Acousic and connection accessory:'''
* [[OpenStage Conference Unit]]
* [[OpenStage Headsets]]
* [[OpenStage Phone Adapter]]
'''Mounting and put-up accessory:'''
* [[OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V2]] (predecessor: [[OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V1|Wall Mount Kit V1]])
* [[OpenStage Stand]]
* [[Lifters for OpenStage (3rd party products)]]
== OpenStage USB Extension ==
== Additional information and solutions ==
For [[OpenStage 60]] and [[OpenStage 80]].
* [[OpenStage power supply and PoE classes|OpenStage Power supplies]]
* [[OpenStage Manager]]
* [[OpenStage Gate View]]
* Allows connection of:
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** [[#OpenStage Acoustic Unit|OpenStage Acoustic Unit]].
** Recorder.
* USB Master.
== OpenStage Acoustic Unit ==
For [[OpenStage 60]] and [[OpenStage 80]].
* External speaker and microphone in one housing.
* Mute button with [[LED]].
* Volume control.
* Requires [[#OpenStage USB Extension|USB Extension]].
== Headsets ==
The following headsets could be used with [[OpenStage 40]], [[OpenStage 60]] and [[OpenStage 80]] phones:
'''Plantronics''' headsets:
* Single earpiece (monaural, sound in one ear) headset style:
** with noise canceling microphone: H141N DuoSet, H91N Encore, P91N Encore Polaris, H51N Supra
** with lightweight voice tube microphone style: H141 DuoSet, H91 Encore, P91 Encore Polaris, H51 Supra
* Double earpiece (binaural, sound in both ears) headset style:
** with noise canceling microphone: H101N Encore, H61N Supra
** with lightweight voice tube microphone style: H101 Encore, H61 Supra
* In-the-ear single earpiece (monaural, sound in one ear) wearing style:
** with noise canceling microphone: H81N TriStar, P81N TriStar Polaris
** with lightweight voice tube microphone style: H81N TriStar, P81 TriStar Polaris
Plantronics Polaris headsets series are for use with phone systems with built-in amplifiers.
'''GN Netcom''' headsets:
* Profile
* Profile binaural
It's generally recommended to use 8 poles connectors.
Further headsets may be available from other vendors: the main key criteria is the full compliance with 121-TR9-5 (corded) or 121-TR9-5* (cordless) standards.
== Wall mount kit ==
* In ice blue or lava.
* For [[OpenStage 20]] and [[OpenStage 40]].
== OpenStage Manager ==
See [[OpenStage Manager]].
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The following OpenStage accessories is available for OpenStage telephones:

Keypad accessory:

Acousic and connection accessory:

Mounting and put-up accessory:

Additional information and solutions

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