OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V1

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This is the first version of the wall mount. Please visit the OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V2 page to get information about the new Wall Mount Kit.

With this OpenStage Wall Mount Kit you can mount the following telephones on a wall:


  • Mounts the telephone reliable on the wall.
  • The handset can be locked into on-hook and off-hook position.
  • Available colors: ice blue or lava.
OpenStage 5 lava CUC 196 L30250-F600-C196
OpenStage 10/15/20/30/40 ice blue CUC 132 L30250-F600-C132
OpenStage 10/15/20/30/40 lava CUC 140 L30250-F600-C140


The OpenStage Wall Mount Kit is shipped with a printed document providing all information needed for installation.

pdf.png  OpenStage WallMountKit