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(How can I update the XPhone Entry SW ?)
(CTI Software for HiPath PBX (XPhone Entry))
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==== CTI Software for HiPath PBX (XPhone Entry) ====
==== CTI Software for HiPath PBX (XPhone Entry) ====
* [[How can I get the XPhone Entry SW]]
* [[How can I get the XPhone Entry SW]]
* [[How to update the XPhone Entry SW]]
The SW can be updated directly out of the programm by chosing the menue "SW update".
XPhone Entry compares the installed with the latest version and will offer an update if a newer version is available. The update requires an Internet access.
== SW Upgrade ==
== SW Upgrade ==

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For more simple solutions use the FAQ helpdesk section.


optiPoint 150 S

See also optiPoint 150 S.

optiPoint 410/420 S

See also optiPoint 410/420 S.


optiPoint application module

See also optiPoint application module.


CallBridge Collection

See also CallBridge Collection.

CTI applications

HiPath SimplyPhone

CTI Software for HiPath PBX (XPhone Entry)

SW Upgrade

How can I upgrade to XPhone Standard

If XPhone Entry is already installed the upgrade can be done directly out of the user interface.

Therefore the license key for XPhone Standard has to be typed in. Afterards the XPhone Standard featurset is available. If the XPhone Standard license its not available it has has to be ordered before.

If the Outlook Add-on for Xphone Standard is also required the SW has to be downloaded from the internet site of the XPhone manufacturer and has to be installed on the PC.