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Cleared: Please consider the notice in the article HiPath SimplyPhone for Outlook/Lotus Notes V4.0#Nutzung von Telefon-Komfortfunktionen - Horemu 10:50, 20 October 2006 (CEST)

Hello, I'm Davide, I'm trying to re-structure the CallBridge Collection page and it would nice to insert something useful about 1st Party CTI and optiPoint 410/420 S family (If it has a real meaning to speak of 1st Party PC control on a intelligent device like a SIP phone) because nowhere there are informations about. <br\> On CallBridge Collection Talk page me and Horemu were talking about optiPoint 410/420 S and CTI in relation to CallBridge IP TS provider, what could be said about ? Thanks,--Kimera 00:10, 21 November 2006 (CET)

OpenScape Business Site

Hi Davide

thank you for all of your contributions to our Wiki site in general. But regading to your latest modification of the OpenScaoe Business site I ask You not to do any modificatins as this site is still under construction from my side as mentioned at the beginning of the site.

It is difficult for me to complete the site and to enshure correct information on base of development releases, if someone else does modification except me within the product introduction phase.

For that reason I removed all of Your contributions. I am really am sorry for doing so, I a aplogize for this, but this is the only way to be consistent with official product release , datasheet and feature descriptions.

Hi, I discovered too late that it was an "under-construction" page! I really didn't pay to much attention to that very fist matter! don't worry...probably I were too happy to see something so new that I started to contribute like a little tornado! ...a little bit too resourceful. Have a good job. user:Davide.poletto