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  • Name : Davide Poletto
  • Alias : Kimera (sometime elsewhere: Parnassus)
  • Company : Freelance
  • Position : IT System consultant

When I'm not out for work nor I have other stuff to do, I like to have a good cup of hot dark coffee (I like it so much!) and sit down surfing the net or posting/moderating threads on the OpenPath Forum about Siemens HiPath/OpenScape products and applications.

I started posting on HiPath Forum YaBB.

Feel free mail me at

Mainly I work with:

  • HiPath and OpenScape communication systems
  • HiPath HG1500 and HiPath Xpression Compact modules
  • 1st/3rd Party CTI Applications
  • HiPath Cordless IP
  • Having (dirty) hands on GNU/Linux systems
  • Making some experiments with Asterisk and FreePBX (have a look at FreePBX Distro or with other SIP Proxy servers (Like SipX) using standard SIP compliant work-points (Like great optiPoint 410/420 S and OpenStage_SIP families)
  • Doing a huge amount of other interesting things (Siemens unrelated :-) ) like:
    • Turning off my mobile and start reading books and magazines
    • Jogging or riding my motorbike
    • Enjoying arts and photography
    • Lounging with friends
    • Listening music (Electronic, Lounge, Jazz and Classical) with my own-made vacuum tube power amplifier
    • more as possible...when I can!

My favourite Carrier Grade IP Protocol: RFC1149

See you here!