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This is a DRAFT:

optiPoint WL2 professional and optiPoint WL2 professional S Surveying Mode overview

... ...

Surveying Mode

This new mode of operation is:

  • Selectable via the hidden "Service" menu
  • Used to give real-time information of the connected Wireless LAN Access Point (AP)
  • Available on optiPoint WL2 professional family either in:
    • HFA (CorNet IP) software feature set (Since optiPoint WL2 professional V1.0 version
    • SIP software feature set (Since optiPoint WL2 professional S V1.0 version 70.042.90)
  • Used to enhance the serviceability of the WLAN workpoints
  • Used to perform WLAN site surveys and deployments.

Service Menu

optiPoint WL2 professional and optiPoint WL2 professional S have an hidden "Service" menu


Steps to access the hidden "Service" menu on the workpoint:

  • Turn off the optiPoint WL2 professional
  • Press simultaneously and hold dial pad buttons 1-4-7 and On Hook key (Power button) at the same time
  • The hourglass icon appears in the phone display
  • Keep them pressed, releasing the Power button in the while, until Speakerphone's LED and the MWI's LED are activated and flashing red (Blinking)
  • The optiPoint WL2 professional powers up showing "Service" on the display
  • Enter code 76200 to access displayed "Service" menu

Submenu List

Once into the "Service" menu, the items are listed in this order:

  • Network Scan
  • SW Release
  • QS Data
  • Speechpath test
  • Working time
  • Contrast
  • WPS
  • Factory Default
  • Clean Up
  • Backlight Switch
  • Surveying Mode

Feature EVM (Entry Voice Mail) IVM (Integrated Voice Mail) Note
Port (Channels) 2 8 / 24 8 for ..., 24 for ...
Total storage capacity 2 h 100 h
Mailboxes up to 24 up to 500
Mailboxes greeting messages up to 2 up to 4
Mailboxes greeting messages length up to 1 min up to 3 min
Auto Attendant (AA) mailboxes up to 4 up to 100
Auto Attendant (AA) mailboxes greeting messages up to 2 up to 4
Auto Attendant (AA) mailboxes greeting messages length up to 2 min up to 8 min
Information mailboxes up to 100
Information mailboxes greeting messages up to 4
Information mailboxes greeting messages length up to 20 min

Interoperability Matrix table TEST

Just to incorporate informations about:

  • Minimal (supported since...but no technician/field engineer should use this one because since this version "a lot" of development was done, this should be seen as the version since which the device was supported first time)
  • Suggested/Recommended (this versione should be used in order to have fixed all the annoying bugs discovered since the Minimal version)

Probably a Tested version label is not so useful (there is the recommended label yet).

Note: Fictionary informations used.

Release HiPath DLS V1.0 HiPath 2000 V1.0 Note
V6 R0.62.0
Supported since: R1.27.0
Tested with: R1.27.0[1]
Recommended: R2.30.0[2]
Supported: SMR 6 1st CV[3]
Tested: R7.0.0[4]
Recommended: R9.7.0[5]
Test for other general comments
  1. Note: tested with HiPath DLS V1.0 software version HI-DLS.10.199.41 released 18/12/2006.
  2. Note: recommended with HiPath DLS V1.0 software version HI-DLS.10.230.20 or newer.
  3. Note: supported since HiPath 2000 V1.0 SMR 6 1st CV software version HE620Y.06.475 released on 07/08/2006.
  4. Note: tested with HiPath 2000 V1.0 R7.0.0 software version HE620Y.07.554 released on dd/01/2007.
  5. Note: recommended with HiPath 2000 V1.0 R9.7.0 software version HE620Y.09.681 released on 17/05/2007.

HiPath MobileConnect TEST

HiPath MobileConnect is an enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution that seamlessly unifies fixed enterprise VoIP, VoWLAN and cellular mobility

The solution consists of two components:

  • HiPath MobileConnect Appliance

Located at the central site, sitting on the wired network between the Wireless LAN and the SIP Communication system it continually monitors and manages mobile user sessions regardless of whether they are on the corporate or public network

  • HiPath MobileConnect Client

Software that resides on the dual-mode mobile handset and works with the HiPath MobileConnect Appliance to navigate enterprise-cellular exchange

Date discussion

Hi Davide,

I saw you changed the optiPoint SIP V7 table....

I think we all must think about a clear definition for the table-value "date".

US guys thinks DD/MM/YY, the Europe guys will think MM/DD/YY - often I'm a little bit confused myself... are the two digits at the beginning for month or for day... everytime I have to compare the older release dates ;-)

I think a clear definition like the one specified in ISO 8601 (format YYYY-MM-DD) will help to prevent misunderstandings.

regards, Stefan