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The CallBridge Collection is a suite of specific CorNet TS TAPI Service Providers (CorNet TS TSPs) grouped as a small powerful middleware application that provides open interfaces to implement 1st Party Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Beneath the communication platforms and devices of the current portfolio of Unify CallBride Collection supports also older devices and platforms, which have been replaced by new models, versions or which have been phased out over the time.

Please Note:
Unify supports the functionality of CallBridge Collection in combination with communication systems and devices of the current Unify product portfolio, which are released within the actual technical release note of Callbride Collection. Devices and communications platforms, which are no longer part of the Unify product portfolio are not blocked within the installation and administration of CallBridge Collection, but in case of problems of any kind Unify does not give any support. The same applies for the support of actual Microsoft Windows Operating systems in case that a specific constellation has been released only for an older version of the Operation system.


  • Service provider for first party telephony applications.
  • Runs with TAPI Versions 2.x and 3.0
  • Supports applications written for TAPI Versions 1.3, 1.4, 2.x and 3.0.
  • Operates in a phone-centric connectivity model.
  • Supports one phone device, which has to be connected via serial COM, USB or IP interface.
  • Supports one line device.
  • Supports device-specific extensions.

TAPI Service Provider Variants

For historical reasons CallBridge Collection consists of three different TAPI service providers:

CallBridge IP

CallBridge IP is the TAPI service provider for PC-based telephony using OpenStage DeskPhone CP, OpenStage DeskPhone IP ,OpenStage HFA telephones via LAN and OpenStage 60/80 T telephones via IP-over-USB protocol.

CallBride IP with OpenStage HFA devices

Figure: CallBridge IP with OpenStage HFA devices connected to OpenScape Business

CallBridge TU

CallBridge TU is a TAPI service provider for PC-based telephony using OpenStage 30/40 T telephones via a USB interface.

CallBride TU with OpenStage T devices

Figure: CallBridge TU with OpenStage T devices connected to OpenScape Business

CallBridge TA

CallBridge TA is a TAPI service provider for PC-based telephony using devices with RS232 interface. Within portfolio of Unify only devices with IP or USB interface are available. Therefore CallBride TA can be used only in combination with old devices like: Optiset E telephones with an Optiset E data adapter or Optiset E control adapter.

CallBride TA with optiset E devices

Figure: CallBridge TA with optiset E devices connected to HiPath 3000

Compatibility Matrix

The following information is related to CallBride Collection V2R3.11.0

The table below shows a general compatibility matrix of each CallBridge TSP regarding communication system family, devices and adapters.
Please note within this context:
Unify supports only released communications platforms, devices and adapters, which are still available in the actual product portfolio. For discontinued products and PC operating systems no support is given in general. This applies also for discontinued components in combination wirh the actual CallBridge collection SW. For details about supported devices see also the release note of the platform.

Product CallBridge IP CallBridge TU CallBridge TA
Telephone OpenStage 15 HFA OpenStage 30 T optiset E basic
OpenStage 20 HFA OpenStage 40 T optiset E advance
OpenStage 20E HFA optiPoint 500 basic optiset E advance plus
OpenStage 40 HFA optiPoint 500 standard optiset E advance conference
OpenStage 60 HFA optiPoint 500 standard SL optiset E memory
OpenStage 80 HFA optiPoint 500 advance
OpenStage 60 T optiPoint 600 office TDM
OpenStage 80 T
optiPoint 410 entry HFA
optiPoint 410 economy HFA
optiPoint 410 economy plus HFA
optiPoint 410 standard HFA
optiPoint 410 advance HFA
optiPoint 420 economy HFA
optiPoint 420 economy plus HFA
optiPoint 420 standard HFA
optiPoint 420 advance HFA
optiPoint 600 office HFA
OpenScape DeskPhone IP 35 G HFA
OpenScape DeskPhone IP 55 G HFA
OpenScape DeskPhone CP 200 HFA
OpenScape DeskPhone CP 400 HFA
OpenScape DeskPhone CP 600 HFA
Adapter optiPoint acoustic adapter optiPoint acoustic adapter optiset E akustik Adapter
optiPoint recorder adapter optiPoint ISDN adapter optiset E contact Adapter
optiPoint recorder adapter optiset E control Adapter
optiset E data Adapter
optiset E headset Adapter
optiset E headset plus Adapter
optiset E ISDN Adapter
Communication platform OpenScape Business OpenScape Business HiPath 4000 (< V2 *1)
OpenScape Office OpenScape Office HiPath 3000 (< V7 *1)
HiPath OpenOffice EE/ME HiPath OpenOffice EE/ME HiPath AllServe 150 *1
HiPath 4000 (< V2 *1) HiPath 4000 (< V2 *1) Hicom 300 E / H *1
HiPath 3000 (< V7 *1) HiPath 3000 (< V7 *1) Hicom 150 E / H *1
HiPath 2000 (< V2 *1) HiPath 2000 (< V2 *1) Hicom 100 E *1
HiPath AllServe 150 *1
Hicom 300 E / H *1
Hicom 150 E / H *1
Hicom 100 E *1

( *1 only supported in combination with a Windows 32 bit operating system


For operation of CallBride collection some HW / SW prereqisites have to be fulfilled

HW/SW prerequisites

Computer HW

Minimum HW-requirements

  • Pentium or compatible CPU
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 25 MB free hard disk memory
  • A free physical interface
    • Ethernet LAN Interface for CallBride IP
    • USB Interface for CallBride TU
    • RS232 Interface for CallBride TA

Please note:
The Microsoft Windows operating system and the used application may require a more powerful processor, RAM and more memory space on the hard disk..

Computer SW

Operating systems for Callbride Collection TAPI Service Providers

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 Bit) Service Pack: SP1
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) except Windows RT
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit except Windows RT
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)

Operating systems for USB Driver for OpenStage 40 T and OpenStage 60/80 (RNDIS Driver)

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 Bit) Service Pack: SP1
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) except Windows RT
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit except Windows RT
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)

Please note:

For the following platforms 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.x can only be used with Callbridge Collection from a specific SW version on upwards:

  • HiPath 2000 ≥ V2
  • HiPath 3000 ≥ V7
  • HiPath 4000 ≥ V2
  • HiPath OpenOffice EE/ME

Microsoft Server operating systems have not been tested in combination with CallBridge collection and are not released for CallBride Collection V2. Some devices connected to older communication platform version are only supported by 32 bit OS. For more information see compatibility matrix.


Depending on the used CallBride variant different cables for the connection between computer and telephone device are required.

  • Ethernet 10 / 100 base T cable for connection of CallBride IP
  • USB cable for connection of CallBridge TU
    • A standard USB cable (with USB Type A and Type B plugs) can be used for OpenStage 30/40/60/80 T
    • A specific USB cable with Type A and an angled Type B plug has to be used for optiPoint 500 telephones. (e.g. S30267-Z360-A30)
  • RS232(V.24) 1:1 cable
    • 25pin male to 9 pin female cable for connection using the data adapter
    • 9 pin male to 9 pin female cable and a data- or control- adapter for connection of CallBride TA


Some documents in various languages are available for CallBridge Collection. As there are:

  • Datasheets
  • Installation manuals
  • Technical release note

The documents can be obtained from the following source:

Documentation Version / Date File Disclaimer

CallBridge Collection

CorNet TS TAPI Service Provider

Supplement to the Microsoft Windows Telephony Application Programmer's Guide Version 2.0

V2.0 / November 2004

zip.png  CBV2_PG

You may download and use this file only if you agree to the DISCLAIMER. If You disagree, your are not allowed to download the file.

Any support regarding the TAPI implentation is only be given to registered partners within the HiPath Technologie Partner Program

Software Delivery / Deployment

The CallBridge Collection software package can be downloaded free of charge from the Software Download Server (SWS) within the Partner Portal of Unify. The package contains, in addition to the TAPI service provider setup, all necessary USB drivers, the installation manual and a README.TXT with up-to-date information on the product.


Callbridge Collection SW is not licensed

SW Upgrade / Migration

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