optiPoint WL2 professional family (CorNet-IP/SIP) Surveying Mode

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The support for this product has been discontinued!
Please visit Devices to get further information about the current product portfolio.

The VoWLAN clients optiPoint WL2 professional and optiPoint WL2 professional S offers a Surveying Mode of operation that is:

  • Selectable via the hidden Service menu.
  • Useful to grab real-time information of the connected Wireless LAN Access Point.
  • Available on optiPoint WL2 professional family either in:
    • CorNet IP (HFA) software feature set (since optiPoint WL2 professional V1.0 version
    • SIP software feature set (since optiPoint WL2 professional S V1.0 version 70.042.90).
  • Used to enhance the serviceability of the WLAN workpoints.
  • Used to perform WLAN site surveys and deployments.

Service Menu

optiPoint WL2 professional and optiPoint WL2 professional S have a hidden Service menu.

How to access

In order to access the hidden Service menu on the workpoint these steps are required:

  1. Turn off the optiPoint WL2 professional.
  2. Press simultaneously and hold dial pad buttons 1-4-7 and On Hook key (the Power button) at the same time.
  3. The hourglass icon appears in the phone display.
  4. Keep them pressed, releasing the Power button in the while, until Speakerphone's LED and the MWI's LED are activated and flashing red (blinking).
  5. The optiPoint WL2 professional powers up showing "Service" on the display.
  6. Enter code 76200 to access displayed Service menu.

Submenu List

Once into the Service menu, the items are listed in this order:

  • Network Scan
  • SW Release
  • QS Data
  • Speechpath test
  • Working time
  • Contrast
  • WPS
  • Factory Default
  • Clean Up
  • Backlight Switch
  • Surveying Mode


Once selected the Surveying Mode on the Service menu the optiPoint WL2 professional will display various informations related to Wireless signal quality and availability.