optiPoint 410/420 S factory reset

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The reset to factory defaults at optiPoint 410/420 S phones can be done by Web-based management and local phone procedure.

By Web-based management

optiPoint 410/420 S all types

Connect to the WBM and login as administrator. Select the item "Reset factory setting" and enter the reset PW 124816.

Select the item "Reset factory setting"

Note: Since factory settings may differ to the settings used for connecting to the WBM before, you may need to check IP address and L2/L3 settings before you can continue working with the WBM.

By local phone procedure

optiPoint 410/420 S display phones

  • Disconnect phone from LAN (only required for netboot < V2.01, PoE devices temporarily need external power supply).
  • Lift handset.
  • Type in reset code opk-minus.png opk-plus.png opk-ast.png opk-3.png.
  • Type in reset password opk-1.png opk-2.png opk-4.png opk-8.png opk-1.png opk-6.png and press the Confirm button opk-ok.png.
  • Replace handset.
  • If required, re-connect phone to LAN.

optiPoint 410 entry S

  • Disconnect phone from LAN (except PoE).
  • Press keys simultaneously opk-3.png opk-8.png opk-9.png.
  • Press the key opk-ast.png.
  • Type in reset password opk-1.png opk-2.png opk-4.png opk-8.png opk-1.png opk-6.png.
  • Press the key opk-rau.png.
  • Connect phone to LAN (except PoE).

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