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* [[Additional Innovative XML Applications]]
* [[Additional Innovative XML Applications]]
== How To ==
{{SeeAlso optiPoint application module}}
* [[How to access sample XML applications]]
[[How to access sample XML applications]]
* [[3rd party application developers]]
== Related links / information ==
* [[optiPoint application module FAQ#XML application|optiPoint application module FAQ (XML)]]
* [[3rd party application developers|3rd party applications developers area]]
=== Tutorials / Knowledge Base ===
=== Tutorials / Knowledge Base ===

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Server based XML-applications can be accessed by the user using the optiPoint application module, which has a built-in XML parser.


The optiPoint application module with its 320x240 pixels color screen and its alphanumeric keyboard can be seen as an additional (beside a PC-browser) front-end to display and access web-content. It follows the very well-known client-server principle, where central internet content (Webserver) can be accessed by a PC-based browser. This is an easy way for web-developers to make their applications available for a telephone-display too.

There are hardly any special skills needed to write XML-based phone applications for the optiPoint application module. The only difference comes inherently with XML, which makes a better usage of the graphical capabilities of a telephone screen.

Like HTML is targeted for PC browsers and WML best for small mobile-phone displays, the custom-made XML for the optiPoint application module is optimal to represent web-content on phone displays.



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