OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V2

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The new OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V2 fits the physical requirements (standard telephone sockets / plates) in the United States of America. This way it meets the US standard regarding positioning of the kit itself.

With this OpenStage Wall Mount Kit you can mount the following telephones on a wall:

Advantage: Compared with the so-far-existing OpenStage Wall Mount Kit better readability of the OS 15 and OS 30 (those have non-tilt able displays) is granted. The new wall mount kit also adheres the ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirement: The wall mounted phone must have a distance of no more than 4" off the wall.

Device Color CUC Order Number Spare Part Number
OpenStage 10/15/20/30/40 ice blue CUC 266 L30250-F600-C266 L36363-A465-C591
OpenStage 10/15/20/30/40 lava CUC 267 L30250-F600-C267 L36363-A465-C593

The OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V2 is part of the OpenStage Accessories.

The predecessor of this wall mount is the OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V1.


The OpenStage Wall Mount Kit is shipped with a printed document providing all information needed for installation.

pdf.png  OpenStage Wall Mount Kit V2