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* {{pdf}} [{{SERVER}}/dl-doc/***.pdf XML Developers Guide]
* {{pdf}} [{{SERVER}}/dl-doc/***.pdf XML Developers Guide]
* {{pdf}} [{{SERVER}}/dl-doc/***.pdf WML developers Guide]
* {{pdf}} [{{SERVER}}/dl-doc/***.pdf WML developers Guide]
== FAQ ==
'''1. What is required to run XML applications on the phone?'''<br>
Simply the phone plus application module w/ SW starting V.5.0.33; Webserver, where the application itself resides and of course an IP-connection between the phone and the server.
'''2. Which telephones support XML applications?'''<br>
optiPoint 410/420 standard or advance in CorNet-IP version.
SIP is currently not supported.
'''3. Which Webservers can be used to host XML-applications?'''<br>
Just, anything on the market, like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Tomcat etc
Put the *xml files in the proper directory (e.g. Apache: htdocs)
'''4. What settings are needed to configure the phone?'''<br>
Refer to the How-to document [[#How to|Setting up sample XML - applications]]. Applications can be accessed via the ''"Program"'' button on the APM.
'''5. What are the RGB values of APM background?'''<br>
Answer still pendig - designaffairs
== How To ==
== How To ==
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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[optiPoint application module FAQ]]
* [[optiPoint display module]]
* [[optiPoint display module]]

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The optiPoint application module is a powerful add-on module with colour touch screen and alphanumeric keyboard. The module can be connected to different phones of the optiPoint family.

optiPoint application module


The optiPoint application module is compatible with the telephones:


XML applications

The module has in built-in XML parser. Thus server based XML-applications can be accessed by the user using the application module. XML applications are not available with optiPoint 500 phones.

WML applications / WAP Browser

The WAP browser provides access to information in internet and your company intranet.

The WAP applications are not available with optiPoint 500 phones.

Java programs

You can use different Java Midlets that were loaded onto the optiPoint application module.

  • How to use Java programs
  • How to program Java midlets with the optiPoint 410 SDK

The Java application ist not available with optiPoint 500 phones.

Other applications


You can save up to 640 entries (optiPoint 410/420 phones) or 1000 entries (optiPoint 500 phones) in the local database on your optiPoint application module. The personal directory can be individually configured. Your computer can exchange data with the optiPoint application module.


Locate a calling party in your corporate directory and dial this party’s station number directly. The LDAP application ist not available with optiPoint 500 phones.

Voice dialling

You can record voice dialing entries for up to 20 directory entries in the ENB. Once an entry is recorded, you can dial the associated station number by simply saying the name aloud. The Voice dialling application ist not available with optiPoint 500 phones.

Display configuration

You can adjust the display settings (brightness, contrast, password protection) for your optiPoint application module.


How To

1. Setting - up sample XML application on the phone

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