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OpenStage Manager screenshot

The OpenStage Manager is a powerful PC application for OpenStage 60/80 telephones (SIP/HFA/TDM), developed to extend and share some phone features between your Personal Computer and your OpenStage phone via IP or USB.


The OpenStage phone user needs information to successfully connect the phone to the OpenStage Manager:

  • phone IP address (as example:
  • phone DNS domain (if available on the customer network).
  • phone password

Once connected, the user must perform login access to his / her phone using the phone password.

OpenStage Manager allows:

  • Phone book maintenance
    • Phone contacts management
    • Images management (.png image file format)
  • Synchronization of OpenStage phone book contacts, either automatically or manually:
    • from Microsoft Outlook
    • to Microsoft Outlook
    • in both ways
  • Phone data backup on your PC.
  • Configuration of various phone settings from your PC, including:
    • Keys features
    • Graphic display settings
    • Audio settings
    • OpenStage SIP display Screen Saver



OpenStage Manager features in detail.

Phone book

Synchronize your personal Outlook contacts with the built-in local telephonebook (incl. pictures).

Screen Saver

Download your individual pictures to your phones and they are shown on the phone's display when entering the screen saver mode (similar to an electronic picture frame).

Individual Ringer tones

Download your favorite ringer tones to your phone (Formats: MP3, WAV, MIDI).
Here are some examples for MP3 ringtones (Pop, Rock, Latin, Reggae, Jazz): zip.png  OpenStage Ringertones.



  • Client / User PC hardware requirements


  • Client / User PC software requirements (Microsoft platform type: Windows XP SP2) - coming soon

Software Delivery

The current OpenStage Manager software release is V1 R3.0.12.

Due to export restrictions you can get this software only by your responsible sales representative or by SEBA partner portal.

To get an overview of current and previous release notes (if any) of OpenStage Manager V1 see the complete Release Notes history.

Version Release Release date Release note
V1 R3.5.0 02/12/2009 OpenStage Manager V1 R3.5.0
V1 R3.3.0 08/22/2008 OpenStage Manager V1 R3.3.0
V1 R3.2.0 07/02/2008 OpenStage Manager V1 R3.2.0

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