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| not available
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During fieldtrial phase the OpenStage hardware hasn't been improved several times. To make sure that your phone is up-to-date, please make sure that only compatible hardware is used.

OpenStage SIP

Telephone Housing color Part number Compatible version
OpenStage 20 ice-blue S30817-S7401-A101-X X ≥ 14
lava S30817-S7401-A103-X X ≥ 2
OpenStage 40 ice-blue S30817-S7402-A101-X X ≥ 20
lava S30817-S7402-A103-X X ≥ 2
OpenStage 60 ice-blue S30817-S7403-A101-X X ≥ 15
lava S30817-S7403-A103-X X ≥ 1
OpenStage 80 silver-blue S30817-S7404-E101-X X ≥ 10
lava not available n/a

OpenStage HFA

OpenStage TDM

Part number on the Phone

The part number is shown on the bottom side of the telephone:

Part number of an OpenStage telephone

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