OpenStage HFA Release Notes

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The OpenStage HFA Release Notes help you to find, in descending order:

  • New implemented features
  • Corrected bugs
  • Known and still open issues (eventually with workarounds)

for each specific OpenStage HFA phone software version considered.

Software versioning / naming

A new software versioning scheme was introduced, it requires that a new versioning name should be adopted for each software product.
Software product version will be now identified with the string:

V x[.y] R m.f.h

in which field:

  • x[.y] denotes the Major release level
  • m denotes the Minor release level
  • f denotes the Fix release level
  • h denotes the Hotfix level

This naming convention scheme does not imply any naming requirements for file / files available.

More informations on the New Software Versioning scheme wiki page.

OpenStage HFA V3

What's New?

OpenStage HFA V2

Support for this Software Version is discontinued. Further fixes will only be done with OpenStage HFA V3 R0

Known & Open Issues

ID Summary Workaround
NA12432445 Call duration Timer reset on new display messages (for example AUN Call) None
NA12430056 Attended crashes on phones with very high load None, several improvements have been made in V2 R1.5.1 for this issue.

V2 R1.5.1

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA12256620 Call forward led on OS20G is not lit when forward is active
NA11135555 Sporadically Call Forward Key does not function
NA12430056 Several stability improvements made

V2 R1.5.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA11480710 Current Destination number of NAME key is not being displayed on OS40 when using keys 13-18 on OS keymodule 15


OpenStage HFA reboot in attendant scenarios
NA10893464 WBM&GUI: wrong LLDP-MED Network policy TLV (other)
NA12124867 Auto Negotiation Improvements for Gigabit Phones

V2 R0.98.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA11306618 DLS Overload cause Phones to stop any DLS communication
NA11190480 Calls sporadically with no payload
NA11060107 OpenStage HFA phones fail to upgrade
NA10918396 Re-register with Gateway redundancy doesn't work
NA06832185 DLS OpenStage 40HFA Logo deployment fails during Plug and Play

OpenStage HFA V1

This version is out of support

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