OpenStage HFA Release Notes

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The OpenStage 60 HFA and OpenStage 80 HFA Release Notes help you to find, in descending order:

  • New implemented features
  • Corrected bugs
  • Known and still open issues (eventually with workarounds)

for each specific OpenStage HFA phone software version considered.

Software versioning / naming

A new software versioning scheme was introduced, it requires that a new versioning name should be adopted for each software product.
Software product version will be now identified with the string:

V x[.y] R m.f.h

in which field:

  • x[.y] denotes the Major release level
  • m denotes the Minor release level
  • f denotes the Fix release level
  • h denotes the Hotfix level

This naming convention scheme does not imply any naming requirements for file / files available.

More informations on the New Software Versioning scheme wiki page.

V1 R1.1.14

General information see ???

What’s New?

ID Cluster Title Summary
H27843 ... take out the "delete" option in key programming prompt ...

Fixed Bugs

ID Cluster Summary
... NA03271591 Callview Crash on Second Call
... NA03266382 PC Port configuration not possible
... NA03158369; NA03144581 No Logon with VLAN via DHCP
... NA03155294 Phone restart during normal op. or idle
... NA03145117 Key labelling lost at Sidecar
... NA03281692 Phone crashes if logo filename > 15 characters
... NA03272364 DHCP Vendor option
... NA03271740 Display problem on Openstage 60/80 HFA
... NA03252568 Display problem on Openstage 80
... NA03240953 No QoS Values for Signaling in Layer 3
... NA03238896 Pickup Calls not displayed correctly (HP3k)
... NA03219384 Phone is responding very slowly in Call Log
... NA03145117 EvoBus: Spor keymodule only shows first label
... NA03092940 Openstage does not check update file
... NA03090062; NA03185096 SW update during phone call not canceled
... NA03078977 H2KV2HFA: No details at caller list on OS40
... NA03058207 Some IP Tests without function
... NA03216079 Keymodul light is on when pixelsaver is active
... NA03214145 Upright format Pictures are scaled wrong
... NA02983446 No error message on wrong password

Known & Open Issues

ID Summary Workaround
NA03059626 No validy check for IP address ...
NA03075072 Bluetooth connection gets lost ...
NA03093444 No SNTP server or Timezone configurable ...
NA03163960 OS show Error message that is totaly impossible ...
NA03041167 Not possible to delete ringtones ...
NA03096043 No calls possible after IP adr. was changed ...
NA02983446 No error message on wrong password ...

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