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OpenStage 80, the flagship of the new innovative phone family

OpenStage is the new design award winning phone family with four different models:

  • OpenStage 20 is a full-featured speakerphone with intuitive and interactive user interface. A universal solution for efficient and professional telephony.
  • Customizable for various workplace environments OpenStage 40 is recommended for use as an office phone, e.g. for desk sharing, people working in teams or call center staff.
  • With its top-notch functionality and innovations OpenStage 60 combines a maximum of usability with a clear intuitive and sleek design. Applications and personalization options make this phone the first choice for boss-/secretary environments and people interacting with lots of other devices.
  • OpenStage 80 is an innovative first class top quality device and is especially designed to meet the needs of top level managers and executives. Premium features, materials and components lead to this extraordinary appearance.

With innovations like TouchGuideTM the operation will be simplified and the stylish design demonstrates a high quality product. Ranging from efficient to executive the intuitive desktop devices combine personal fixed mobile convenience with style.

Overview / Übersicht

International (English)  An overview of the user interface on OpenStage 60 and OpenStage 80 phones.

OpenStage 60 phones
OpenStage 80 phones

Deutschland  Eine Übersicht der Bedienelemente an OpenStage 60 und OpenStage 80 Telefonen.

OpenStage 60 Telefone
OpenStage 80 Telefone

Phone variants

SIP phones

The four OpenStage SIP variant models of this family could be connected to a SIP Proxy Server via their LAN interface.

The OpenStage Manager application could be used to administer the OpenStage 60/80 phone models.

Find the newest software version informations on the OpenStage 60/80 SIP V1.0 Current Software release page and read the corresponding OpenStage Release Notes. Informations about interoperability can be found at OpenStage SIP interoperability matrix page.

For specific questions have a look at the OpenStage SIP FAQ.

The telephones of this family are currently:

TDM phones

The both OpenStage T variant models of this family could be connected to a HiPath 3000 version 7 or later and HiPath 4000 version 4 or later via UP0/E interface.

For specific questions have a look at the OpenStage TDM FAQ.

The telephones of this family are currently:

CorNet IP (HFA) phones

Coming soon.

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