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[[Image:wap-service-sample.jpg|thumb|Example of a weather forecast on the [[optiPoint application module]]]]
[[Image:wap-service-sample.jpg|thumb|Example of a weather forecast on the [[optiPoint application module]]]]

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Example of a weather forecast on the optiPoint application module

You can use WAP/WML on optiPoint phones by an optiPoint application module. The module has a built-in browser.


WAP technology is driven by mobile phone internet access. Although it has in mobile world a negative image (because of small screens and high mobile internet rates), the technology itself is proven.

Major advantage compared to standard HTML: WML offers smaller footprint, drops each kind of pop-ups, advertisements, etc. and concentrates really on providing the information itself.
There are many WAP/WML content providers available in the internet. Most of them are free and all can be accessed by the optiPoint application module.



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