How to access XML applications

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How to configure your phone and how to access XML applications is the scope of this article. For exploring the XML capabilities of the optiPoint application module you do not necessarily set up your own webserver. Just try out one of the application samples, residing on one of our public internet servers.


  1. optiPoint 410 standard/ advance or optiPoint 420 standard/ advance with XML enabled Software in HFA environment
  2. An optiPoint application module or optiPoint display module must be connected to the telephone.

Download XML enabled phone SW

Using XML on your Siemens IP phone requires a CorNet IP Software starting with V5.1.34. CorNet IP provides encryption capabilities. Hence its distribution must follow legal requirements which do not allow unrestricted SW distribution via the Internet. The firmware is only provided by Siemens technicians or by official Siemens Partners. Customers with self-care contracts will have access to Software within the SEBA Web portal.

Another option is to register as "Open Developer" at the Technology Partner Website to get XML-enabled phone-SW.

To download the software see Software update optiPoint 410/420 or consult the pdf.png  Administration Manual optiPoint 410-420 family.

Configure applications using web-based management

  • Obtain the IP-address of your phone.
  • Start your web browser and access phone's web-based management by entering https://###.###.###.### (IP-address of your phone).
  • Follow the link: Administration > Enter administrator password (Default: 123456) > Applications.
WBM screenshot Applications
  • Select XML Applications.
WBM screenshot XML Applications
  • Select New program to configure a new application.
WBM screenshot New Program
  • Set the appropriate parameters in the New Program form:

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Please add example entries, and how can I get these informations when I'm a user.

Parameter Description Comment
Display Name The name of the program as it appears in the program menu on the optiPoint application module. ???
Application Name This is used internally by the application to identify the program running on the telephone ???
Server Address The IP address or domain/host name of the server that provides the application or the XML document.
Server Port number The number of the port that the server uses to provide the application or the XML document. Standard http-port is used.
Program Name on Server The relative path to the servlet or to the first XML page of the application on the server. ???
Use Proxy This specifies whether a Proxy should be used.
  • Yes if you are connected via a Proxy to the internet. This will be mostly the case in enterprises.
  • No if your accessing the internet without a Proxy.
Debug Mode For applications developers only. Don't change.
Debug Program On Server For applications developers only. Don't change.
  • Click Create Program to start generating the program.

For settings please refer to pdf.png  XML developers guide.

XML Tutorial

This XML tutorial is an ideal tool if you start developing XML applications for the optiPoint application module. In conjunction with the pdf.png  XML developers guide it demonstrates how the different XML-objects behave and appear on the screen.

WBM screenshot XML applications > Settings

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