optiPoint 410/420 CorNet IP (HFA) to SIP migration

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The support for this product has been discontinued!
Please visit Devices to get further information about the current product portfolio.

This migration procedure is for upgrading an optiPoint 410/420 CorNet IP phone V5.1.2x to SIP V6.0.56 and later. The procedure can be performed on a per phone basis (local admin menu or via WBM) - described on this page - or, starting with V7R4.1.0, via DLS.


Please check your hardware revision against the data in the product release note (section "Hardware revisions supported") as not all HW revisions shipped with CorNet IP protocol will support SIP. See also optiPoint HW compatibility.

Connect the phone to LAN

  1. Connect the optiPoint CorNet IP phone to the LAN (DHCP=on is default). The assumption is that DHCP is available in your local area network. The phone will reboot.
  2. Depending on the version of the CorNet IP application installed

Fully qualified subscriber number

Subscriber number is prompted

  1. Enter your fully qualified subscriber number.
  2. Confirm Save Changes with the opk-ok.png key.
    The display shows:

Continue with Detect the phone's IP address.

Subscriber number is not prompted

If you have not been prompted for the subscriber number, the display will show Invalide GW Adress or No subscriber number.

  1. Press the opk-ok.png key.
    The display shows:
  2. Continue with Detect the phone's IP address.

Detect the phone's IP address

  1. Press the opk-ok.png key. The display shows:
    Enter admin password
  2. Enter the admin password (default: opk-1.png opk-2.png opk-3.png opk-4.png opk-5.png opk-6.png.
    The display shows:
  3. Press the opk-ok.png key and the opk-re.png key to select 02=Terminal IP addr.?.
  4. You may read the IP address and use this to switch over to the WBM by using a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer recommended).

Continue with Download new firmware.

Download new firmware

  1. In the Web browser's URL row type in https://Phone-IP-Address, e.g. or http://Phone-IP-Address:8085, e.g.
  1. Enter the Administration menu (default password: 123456).
  2. Select the Upload/Download section.
  3. Select Download application.
  4. Start a standard FTP server (e.g. 3Com Daemon), and fill out the relevant FTP data, refer to the screenshot below.
    File transfer screenshot in optiPoint 410/420 phone WBM
  5. Continue with Restore factory settings.

Restore factory settings

After successful restart of the application, it is recommended to perform a factory reset.