optiPoint application module FAQ

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In this optiPoint application module FAQ you find answers to frequently asked questions for the optiPoint application module, subdivided in different subject areas.


How can I increase the brightness of the display?

  • 1. Access Display settings
  • 2. Choose Display
  • 3 Set Backlight - slider max on left
  • 4. Set Contrast -slider max on right

What are the RGB values of APM background?

The background of op410/op420/APM implements the following color-gradient: #BBCCDD -> #FFFFFF
The picture with 24-bit and 12-bit color-depth (used in APM) can be downloaded here: zip.png  APM background picture

XML application

What is required to run XML applications on the phone?

Simply the phone plus application module w/ SW starting V.5.1.34; Webserver, where the application itself resides and of course an IP-connection between the phone and the server.

Which telephones support XML applications?

optiPoint 410/420 standard or advance in CorNet-IP version. SIP is currently not supported.

Which Webservers can be used to host XML applications?

Just, anything on the market, like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Tomcat etc. Put the *xml files in the proper directory (e.g. Apache: htdocs)

What settings are needed to configure the phone?

Refer to the How To document Setting up sample XML applications. Applications can be accessed via the "Program" button on the APM.

Can a server application actively push content on the application module?

Yes, that's supported. Further information in XML developers guide.

How to get feed from the webcam installed on the server onto the IPPhone?

An application e.g. java servlet which grabs a frame from the webcam and returns this in a http response is required.To access this image, place a URL which accesses this application on the server in the <Image> tags in the XML, which is then sent to the phone.

Is it possible to get feeds from more than one webcams installed on the same server on the APM of IPPhone ?

It has been discovered that you can install multiple webcams on the server, but using an apllication e.g. java servlet it is not possible to capture an image from more than one webcam which uses the default windows capture drivers. This is only limitation with Windows Operating System and it has not been investigated for other Operating Systems.

The "MaxSize" attribute associated with a PASSWORD text field does not appear to have any effect?

This issue has been recognised as a current limitation and will be addressed in a future optiPoint maintenance upgrade.

Is it possible to display "IppString" directly underneath "IppImage" or "IppButton"?

When trying to display a IppStringItem after an IppImageItem or IppButton directly underneath the image, a space aprox 1cm is inserted between them.

To get round this, simply insert a spacer after the image/button with a width of 240 and a height of 1. Then the string item will be displayed directly under the image in the desired way. This issue has been recognised as a current limitation and will be addressed in a future optiPoint maintenance upgrade.