optiPoint 410/420 V5.1 information

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Information to V5.1 of the optiPoint 410/420 CorNet-IP (HFA) phone family.

General Info for all Releases

If there where seen Link Flaps on the Ethernet Switch when the Phone is powered off, please try to configure the Switch to 100 Mbit full- or half- duplex static. In some cases this error was solved with this configuration.
  • Payload Security is only possible with the optiPoint 410/420 eco+/std/adv
  • G.722 CoDec is used with DMC (Direct Media Connection) between two optiPoint 410 IP phones only (DMC feature must be activated).
  • A call via Gateway never uses G.722.
  • If “High Quality pref.” is entered, G.722 calls to other OP410 are possible, but only G.711 calls to other phones (OP600 and OP400). Because of this the users get a different impression of quality.
  • It is highly recommended to deactivate both VAD (Voice Activity Detection) and Silence Suppression features.
  • To upgrade via NetBoot the Key 3 have to be pressed while powering up the phone until the phone starts to load the image.
  • Netboot Upgrade via Remote is only possible with V5 R1.33.0 or later.
  • DHCP Leasetime: The recommended minimum leasetime is 8min as the RFC2131 is quite unclear about how long a leasetime should be as a minimum.
    See section 4.4.5 Reacquisition and expiration
    "In both RENEWING and REBINDING states, if the client receives no response to its DHCPREQUEST message, the client SHOULD wait one-half of the remaining time until T2 (in RENEWING state) and one-half of the remaining lease time (in REBINDING state), down to a minimum of 60 seconds, before retransmitting the DHCPREQUEST message."

Since Release V5 R1.33.0 or later

At the moment there is a level 1 priority Bug at the HiPath DLS in combination with the NEW Version string.
At the Software Deployment in the DLS you can’t update more than one phone at the same time.
This Bug is solved with the HiPath DLS V1.0 R1.27.0 (HI-DLS.10.199.41) version.

Since Release V5 R1.34.0 or later

  • Now the Software comprised the AGP (Application Generic Platform) functionality including XML Applications support.
    This functionality will be only released project specific for prototype of corresponding applications.
    The AGP feature works only with a optiPoint application module connected.

Since Release V5 R1.35.0 or later

To make a bulk deployment of optiPoint 410/420 adopting the new Version String Vx[.y] Rm.f.h scheme through the DLS tool it's mandatory to use HiPath DLS V1.0 R1.27.0 (HI-DLS.10.199.41) version or higher.

Since Release V5 R1.35.1 or later

  • Used RTP port base from Port 5004 to 5013.
    Now the ports are used from the lowest configured Port to the highest.
5004 for RTP of the Master channel to the HG3530.
5005 for RTCP of the Master channel to the HG3530.
5006 for RTP the Slave channel to B partner.
5007 for RTCP the Slave channel to B partner.

Since Release V5 R2.36.4 or later

Since Release V5 R4.6.0 or later

  • Implementation of the RQ00026068/RQ00026067. EAPOL-Logoff function is now working without activation of IEEE 802.1x.

optiPoint 410 entry <= S30817-S7201-A107-32 Mangan optiPoint 410 economy <= S30817-S7202-A101-25 Arctic optiPoint 410 eco plus <= S30817-S7212-A107-19 Mangan optiPoint 410 economy <= S30817-S7202-A107-31 Mangan optiPoint 410 eco plus <= S30817-S7212-A101-19 Arctic optiPoint 410 standard <= S30817-S7203-A107-35 Mangan optiPoint 410 standard <= S30817-S7203-A101-27 Arctic optiPoint 410 advance <= S30817-S7204-A107-32 Mangan optiPoint 410 advance <= S30817-S7204-A101-27 Arctic optiPoint 420 eco <= S30817-S7209-A107-16 Mangan optiPoint 420 eco <= S30817-S7209-A101-15 Arctic optiPoint 420 eco plus <= S30817-S7210-A107-17 Mangan optiPoint 420 eco plus <= S30817-S7210-A101-16 Arctic optiPoint 420 standard <= S30817-S7211-A107-17 Mangan optiPoint 420 standard <= S30817-S7211-A101-16 Arctic optiPoint 420 adv. <= S30817-S7207-A107-23 Mangan optiPoint 420 adv. <= S30817-S7207-A101-25 Arctic

Since Release V5 R5.2.0 or later

Security Step 1 is not supported in this Bind, because of the support for SPE

The dowload capability for JAVA midlets is not longer supported. Do to the fact that Java midlets are out of support

  • For Mobile HFA please use the following Patch sets at the H4K - s20439 (H30160); s20419 (H30910); s20440 (H30966).

Since Release V5 R4.7.0 or later

IMPORTANT!! There are new restrictions for the 802.1x feature

For the certificate creation the are restrictions for the max. size of certificate.

  • Phone certificate the max. size is 2048 bytes.
  • Radius & root certificate the max. size is 4096 bytes.

V5 R5.4.0

If you are using the plantronics Headset CS60, there can be occur sporadically error’s when you are answer a call with the button at the Headset. This happens if you make two calls directly fast after each other

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