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myPortal screenshot

myPortal for Desktop is a Java based client for accessing the unified communication functions of OpenScape Office from a Desktop PC. Diffenrent skins are available to meet customer requiremnts regarding look and feel and handling. myPortal for desktop SW is part of OpenScape Office SW and bound to OpenScape Office SW version.

The following description refers to:

OpenScape Office V3R3.

Deviations of feature set or handling may occur for previous or subsequent versions of OpenScape Office



Besides convenient dialing aids via phone directories and favorites and information on the presence status of other subscribers, myPortal for desktop can, for example, also be used to access voicemails and faxes.

myPortal for desktop provides the following features:

  • Directories
  • Favorites List
  • Journal for calls
  • Screen pops
  • Presence status
  • CallMe service
  • Status-based call forwarding
  • Personal AutoAttendant
  • Recording calls and conferences
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice and Fax messages

Differences to previous versions

From OpenScape Office V3R3 on

  • modern skin
  • Mac OS Skin
  • revised click to call funktion

are implemnted within the myPortal for desktop client

Configuration Overview

myPortal is a Java based client SW which is installed either on a Microsoft Windows based or an Apple a Mac OS based Desktop PC. myPortal connects to OpenScape office via Ethernet LAN with TCP/IP protocol.


General Prerequisites

Telecommunication systems



  • Ethernet LAN cabel to connect PC with OpenScape Office

PC hardware

  • CPU >500 MHz clock
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 100 MB available hard disk space
  • Ethernet LAN Interface (optional)

However, it should be noted that the operating system, groupware and any additional software components in use in the customer environment may require considerably more powerful hardware.

PC software

  • myPortal for Desktop V3R3

PC operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32 Bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate edition (32 bit)

(release for Vista does not apply to TAPI Service Provider)

Functional Boundaries and Limitations

Max number of installations per OpenScape Office System

The CTI client software XPhone Entry does not require a license and can be used freely by the customer within the scope of the specified maximum values for other components. This depends on one hand on the HiPath plattform and on the other hand on the used TAPI service provider.


Documentation of myPortal for Desktop is available within SEBA documentation.

Feature description of myPortal for Desktop is part of OpenScape office data sheet / features description Handling and settigs are descripbed within the openscape office user manual


Data Sheet

User manual

Software Deployment

myPortal for Desktopp is part of OpenScape Office SW image. It can be downloaded from OpenScape Office by using the ServiceCenter within the administration portal or the Samba shared drive. Details are described within the user manual.


Licensing is mandatory for the operation of myPoprtal for desktop.
Whereas the use of myPortal for Desktop is embedded within the following OpenScape Office licenses. Differences have to be considered betweed the licensing of openscape Office LX/MX and OpenScape Office HX.

  • OpenScape Office V3 LX/MX Comfort User
    • Usage of all communication functions of OpenScape Office

• Unified Communications functions via myPortal. • Voicemail box (Voicemail)

  • OpenScape Office V3 LX/MX Comfort Plus User

• Usage of all communication functions of OpenScape Office • Unified Communications functions via myPortal • Voicemail box (Voicemail) • Fax box • Conference management • Mobility Entry, incl. myPortal for Mobile


  • OpenScape Office V3 HX Standard User

• Usage of all communication functions of OpenScape Office • Unified Communications functions via myPortal. • Voicemail box (Voicemail) • Fax box

Licenses are permanently bound to the user stations.

License upgrade

Within OpenScape Office MX/LX a license upgrade can be done easily by assigning a Comfort Plus User license to the user station instead of a Comfort User license, assumed that Comfort Plus user licenes are available within the OpenScape Office system.

For OpenScape Office HX no user license upgrade is provided

Demo licenses