VPN Site-to-Site networking

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VPN Site-to-Site networking without normal Internet traffic

This Site-to-Site networking scenario let an enterpise to use:

  • HiPath 2000 as VPN Site-to-Site gateway both for Voice and Data traffic.
  • HiPath 2000 as a cost-effective gateway to routing VoIP traffic by means of using CorNet-IP trunking between sites over its VPN trunk.
  • HiPath 2000 as gateway to access enterprise resources and applications available at the company’s VPN networked locations.

Scenario Overview

Important informations

  • If Normal Internet traffic (like Web navigation, Mail server access, etc.) is required, it must be designed following VPN Site-to-Site networking with normal Internet traffic scenario overiew.
  • Basic bandwidth reservation for Voice can be implemented setting:
    • Outgoing Bandwidth Control on each HiPath 2000
    • Limitation of the available B-Channels on each HiPath 2000