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VPN Site-to-Site networking


HiPath and VPN Networking. This argument is very complex and needs a good overall presentation, it involves and it's linked to other important items:

  • Network Analysis (Valid for LAN, WAN, VoWLAN)
  • VPN design and realization
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • DMZ
  • VLAN
  • ISP and SLA
  • xDSL technology
  • Routing and Firewalling
  • HiPath systems performance
  • etc.

As a very basic starting, here some simple informations about VPN Site-to-Site networking scenarios related to HiPath 2000.

Maybe Teleworking (Via optiClient 130 / optiPoint 410/420) can be seen:

  • As another scenario for standalone HiPath 2000/3000 systems.
  • As another scenario for networked HiPath 2000/3000 systems.

Sure there are differences if we examine, as example, HiPath 3000 VPN Site-to-Site networking scenarios: they should be similar even if using HiPath 2000 other than HiPath 3000 but, still, differences will rise up due to differences between HG1500 and HiPath 2000 performances.

Maybe, if you let this argument takeoff in some way, we will have to reorganize it for HiPath 3000 too or to let it be more generic.

I should be able to add a picture (To do) into each Overview subsections (A well made slide could be better than 1k words). I hope to have done a good thing.

What do you think about ? Anyone can help ? --Kimera 16:01, 18 November 2006 (CET)