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why not change the title from SIP V7.0 on optiPoint 410/420 S to optiPoint 410/420 S V7 Application Software ?
We could adapt (redirect) the other SIP V6.0 on optiPoint 410/420 S wiki page too in order to have wiki pages that start with optiPoint 410/420 S and then have the specific argument name. We could then adapt/correct each links referenced to them very quickly (there aren't so many links up to now).
In this way we can then have a generic main page about optiPoint 410/420 S application softwares (V5.0, V6.0, V7 and so on...) from which we could redirect for specific application softwares and to which links on other wiki pages can be linked to.
What do you think about ?

User:Davide.poletto Kimera 12:54, 4 September 2007 (CEST)