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Could we add a section like this one:


and then write down a little How To about optiPoint WL2 professional (Either CorNet-IP or SIP versions) Surveying Mode operation ?

Actually, on the wiki, there is only a link to the "HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software, Site Survey Guide V3.0" PDF manual in which the optiPoint WL2 professional Surveying Mode is considered on "Survey Approach about Surveying Mode" section.

A simple How To would be useful for HiPath 2000 V1.0 with HiPath Wireless AP2630 (Or AP2640) deployments.

I used here "Wireless" as section title because there is not a generic optiPoint WL2 professional wiki homepage regardless of which protocol its uses: CorNet-IP and SIP versions are still kept separate (That's quite logical too) but not so practical when an How To article could be related to both.

--Kimera 11:01, 15 November 2006 (CET)