The Wiki of Unify contains information on clients and devices, communications systems and unified communications. - Unify GmbH & Co. KG is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG.

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An overview of various Devices and additional software etc. A collection of product images you find in the Product Photo Gallery.


Clients & Devices using Session Initiation Protocol.

OpenScapeDP IP 55G.jpg os80-p.jpg op420adv-p.jpg OpenStage WL3 Plus Front.png
OpenScape Desk Phone IP (SIP) OpenStage SIP optiPoint 410/420 S OpenStage WL3

Blauer Engel UZ 150 F.jpg
The OpenStage SIP phones 15, 20 and 40 are now certified with the eco-label Blue Angel.


Devices using CorNet IP with HiPath Feature Access.

OpenScapeDP IP 55G.jpg os80-p.jpg op420adv-p.jpg
OpenScape Desk Phone IP (HFA) OpenStage HFA optiPoint 410/420


Devices using TDM with UP0/E.

os80-p.jpg op500std-p.jpg
OpenStage T optiPoint 500


Handsets & Infrastructure using DECT.

OpenStage SL4 prof Handset only final.jpg Gigaset S4 MT-front Display.jpg OpenStage M3.jpg HiPath Cordless IP.png
OpenStage SL4 professional Gigaset S4 professional OpenStage M3 HiPath Cordless IP

DECT-Devices are connected to the communications system by HiPath Cordless IP.

IP Device Applications

os80-p.jpg CallBridge.jpg
OpenStage XML Applications CallBridge Collection

IP Device Management

DLSclient-sample-screen.gif OpenStageIP WBM Admin Login.gif
Deployment Service Web Based Management

VoIP Security

SPE.png certificate.png IEEE 802.1X.png
VoIP Security Certificate Management IEEE 802.1X