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  • optiPoint 410/420 V5.1.35 was released, page need to be updated.
  • optiPoint 410/420 Release Notes wiki page yet updated.
Version No. Release date Release notes
V5 R1.35.0 15/11/2006 Release Note for V5 R1.35.0
V5 R1.34.0 20/10/2006 Release Note for V5 R1.34.0
V5 R1.33.0 06/10/2006 Release Note for V5 R1.33.0
V5.1.32 08/03/2006 Release Note for V5.1.32
V5.1.31 07/07/2006 Release Note for V5.1.31
V5.1.30 05/17/2006 Release Note for V5.1.30

--Kimera 09:24, 20 November 2006 (CET)