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Problem accesing HiPath OpenOffice ME

After changing the IP of HiPath OpenOffice ME to by error I cannot connect to the box anymore. How to access HiPath OpenOffice ME now or reset it?


Hi, please consider to post this question either on the proper Forum section dedicated to HiPath OpenOffice EE/ME/LE (it's an open Forum devoted to HiPath and OpenScape): there we can answer more technically.
Here we can add this reference: basically the Subnet 192.168.2.x should not be used (on LAN)/assigned (to HOOME) because it is internally reserved (and so...used) by HiPath OpenOffice ME V1. This is a MANDATORY requirement.

User:Davide.poletto Alias: Kimera 01:15, 12 May 2009 (CEST)