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Which HiPath BizIP AD 20 V1.0 Application version was used to sucessfully test the interoperability with optiPoint WL2 professional S and optiPoint 150 S ?

HiPath BizIP AD 20 V1.0 you would have used:

  • V1.0 Load set AD20-00-20_10.021-005a released 31.05.2006 as M3
  • V1.0 Load set AD20-00-20_10.021-008f released 25.08.2006 as M3 1st CV a.k.a. SMR 1
  • V1.0 R0.1.0 Load set AD20-00-20_11.022-009 released 21.11.2006 a.k.a. SMR 1 Fix Release 1
  • V1.0 R3.1.3 Load set AD20-00-20_13.044-002a released 27.04.2007 a.k.a. ???

I suspect the very latest one (V1.0 R3.1.3).

Davide.poletto (Kimera 15:06, 8 June 2007 (CEST))