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I didn't found any specific reference about the requirement of a HiPath HG1500 V6.0 (STMI2) module on the HiPath All-in-One V1.1 (HAiO) documentation.

Does anybody have an idea ?

I think it should be mandatory in the HAiO integrated solution.

IF the cPCI, that:

  • is a pure and separate PC just only mechanically hosted inside the HiPath 3800 V6.0 cabinet,
  • and runs Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, HiPath ProCenter Agile V7.0 Call Center application, plus, co-resident the HiPath 5000 RSM

and IF the communication between the HiPath 3800 V6.0 and the cPCI happens only through connections to the same LAN segment then I think the HiPath 3800 V6.0 should have at least one HG1500 V6.0 (STMI2) module in order to have a LAN connection.

Communications between HiPath applications and HiPath 3800 V6.0 couldn't be done through HiPath LIMS card or, eventually, through Xpressions Compact V2.0's LAN interface: these interfaces/modules should limit, should be unable or could be not certified to handle signalling due to their software/hardware specific architecture:

  • only about 400 BHCA in the case of LIMS card against the maxium of 2500 BHCA that HiPath ProCenter Agile V7.0 can reach.
  • up to only 6 TAPI ports (connections) for communication to HiPath TAPI 120 V2.0 via LIMS; communication to HiPath TAPI 170 V2.0 not supported.
  • use of Xpressions Compact card, once connected to the LAN segment, only to send, via an external SMTP Server, mails with voicebox message file attached.
  • HiPath 5000 RSM doesn't communicate to LIMS, it communicate to HiPath HG1500 V6.0 (STMI2 Module).

Best regards,
User:Davide.poletto (Kimera 17:25, 29 March 2007 (CEST))