OpenStage WL3 V1R1.2 Content

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This section describe the content of the new OpenStage WL3 V1R1.2 update in detail.

Security: Use of HTTPS to access the handset web pages

It is now possible to browse securely using HTTPS to the handset's web pages. It is also possible to use an own certificate for this purpose and to require that HTTPS is used prior to HTTP

Security: Secure calls via OSCAR

Secure calls via OSCAR are now also shown via padlock icon

User Interface: Manual restart from the Device manager (PDM or WSG)

A handset can be reset remotely via the Device manager. The reset action can be sent immediately or scheduled and the handset can perform the reset immediately or when idle

User Interface: Beep by Handset display Voice/Messaging only

Beep tone for Voice and Messaging only is configurable if disturbs

Service-ability: SNMP MIB

All specific traps will now be sent with individual object names New parameters under Device->Log for specifying SNMP trap destination port and SNMP community are available, that will be visible when Device->Log->SNMP is set to On

Wireless Service Gateway (WSG) Server SW update


Support for self-signed certificate in the case certificates are used

Java 7

Support for different applications running on the WSG