OpenScape First Response PSAP Solution

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The OpenScape First Response PSAP Solution is a NG-911 call handling solution utilizing the OpenScape First Response Voice ESRP which provides for a carrier-grade, proven Atos technology. The solution also includes a North America market specific version of Global Emergency Management (GEMMA) featuring an agile way of answering emergency calls via an innovative user interface for cloud-based deployments.

All OpenScape First Response PSAP Solution components are implemented based on NENA standards and is designed for deployment in North America.

The OpenScape First Response PSAP Solution consists of the following functional elements:

PSAP Call Engine (ESRP / PCE, aka: PSAP-OSV)

A core element of the OpenScape First Response solution is the OpenScape Voice, a software-based voice application providing a rich set of voice features for emergency response agencies. This SIP-based voice application was built for use within a virtualized architecture, such as the PSAP Call Handling cloud-based solution. The OpenScape Voice application is standards based and provides session management for all communication within the network. OpenScape Voice allows for integration of additional solution components such as phones, gateways, survivability appliances, etc.

PSAP Session Border Controller (BCF / PSBC)

This is a component for OpenScape First Response PSAP which is utilized situationally. As with OpenScape Branch’s embedded Session Border Controller, OpenScape SBC is used for SIP Trunking and the integration of IP / I3 Network communications into the Call Handling Solution. It is not utilized when integrating legacy calls into the Call Handling system.

Media Server’s Web RTC Gateway

The Web RTC Gateway component of the Media Server is used to convert SIP to WebRTC calls. Additionally, it handles RTT (audio + text) and MSRP (text + photo) calls as WebRTC calls.

Management Applications

OpenScape First Response Management Applications performs the management and configuration of all the OpenScape First Response PSAP components:

• OpenScape Common Management Portal (CMP) is a browser-based administration and configuration interface for the OpenScape First Response PSAP solution. It presents a uniform interface for cross-application system and user management applications (e.g. OpenScape User Management), system-specific configuration programs (Element managers), and general services.

• OpenScape Device Deployment Service (DLS) management application offers customers and service employees an integrated solution for providing Plug & Play administration for IP devices (IP Phones and IP Clients) in OpenScape First Response networks. It provides handling of QoS parameters as well as distribution of security certificates for IP devices.

Global Emergency Management (GEMMA) User Interface (PCHS)

The GEMMA interface allows a PSAP call taker to select from incoming calls (Audio and Text) to respond to requests for assistance and initiate outbound calls/texts, conferences or transfers. Video call handling functionality will be added in future versions releases of the product.

GEMMA also provides quick access to lists of recent calls/text, and individual call/text history. Calls/texts can be organized by call/text status (answered, on-hold, inbound or outbound), and category (911, Administrative or Text). Each call/text in the list provides abbreviated information regarding the order in which they were received, originating phone number, elapsed time, and call direction (inbound or outbound). Calls/texts can be monitored by supervisors to assist call takers, and GEMMA records everything the call takers says and hears through their headset, using the Integrated Instant Recording (IRR) feature.

Interconnect Box

The OSFR Interconnect Box is deployed at every OSFR workstation. It allows police and fire dispatchers to use the same headset for telephony and radio communications. Call taker-only users use it to connect their headset to the OSFR telephony console. The box offers a 600 Ohms 8-wire RTHI (radio telephony headset interface) for connecting the box to any radio console.