OpenScape Desk Phone CP Accessories

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The best audio quality is provided when using corded headsets, plugged directly into the headset socket of the phone. Please use the specific adapter cable for your headset which fits directly into the desk phone socket.

Connecting a headset to the handset cord (via external amplifier) is not a recommended configuration, from a functional and acoustical perspective.

Corded headsets are typically equipped with a 4-pin western plug. Cordless headsets (resp. their base stations), if they support the electronic hook switch functionality (EHS), do have an 8-pin western plug (to transport the signalling). No handset lifter is needed with OpenScape Desk Phone CP. The OpenScape Desk Phone CP socket supports both western plugs without any adapter, since the socket is hardware coded so that the 4-pin western plug does not rock around. This hardware coding also prevents, that someone plugs in a standard RJ45. Meant, the headset 8-pin western plug is not a standard RJ45 (which could be a PoE powerd LAN cable).

How to configure and use Bluetooth headsets with the phones is described in the user manual of the phone.

Recommended Headsets

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP phones are supported by many vendors. The list of recommended headsets can be found on following page:

----> Headsets for OpenScape Desk Phone CP <----'

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP600/700/700X can use Bluetooth headsets with HD audio support. The standard profile for headsets is compatible with any Bluetooth headset.

Wall Mount Kit for CP200/CP205/CP600/CP600E/CP700

With the OpenScape Desk Phone CP Wall Mount Kit (order number: L30250-F600-C440/S30817-D7724-A201) the following phones can be mounted on a wall:

  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200/CP205
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP600/CP600E (not with Key Module KM600)
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP700/CP700X (not with Key Module KM600)

The Wall Mount Kit is shipped with a printed document providing all information needed for installation.

Wall Mount Kit for CP110/CP210

The wall mount kit (order number: L30250-F600-C596/S30853-H4080-R141) can be used for all phones of the OpenScape Desk Phone G2 family.

The wall mount kit consists of:

  • A base plate that can be screwed to the wall
  • An adapter plate that can be screwed onto the phone at pre-made contact points
  • A locking screw with which the base and adapter plate can be screwed together. This locking screw makes unauthorized dismantling of the wall bracket much more difficult.

Pictures of the wall mount kit can be found here: Product Photo Gallery

Please provide suitable screws, dowels and tools for wall mounting.

Ultra-flexible network cable

When the phone is mounted on the wall, the LAN cable is often put between the phone and the LAN outlet. When this is done, the LAN cable is hidden and can not be disconnected anymore.

As the space between phone and LAN outlet is limited a short LAN cable is recommended. This short and ultra flexible LAN cable could be ordered via the order number:

L30250-F600-C283 / C39195-Z7233-A2

  • LAN Cable 25cm
  • Unshielded Cat 6 LAN cable for wall mounting
  • Colour: grey
cable L30250-F600-C283.jpg