Field Trial Information HFA V1R3

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On this page you will find some very useful information for the HFA V1R3 CP-phone Software field trials.

Supported UNIFY Platforms

This section gives an overview of the platforms, and releases to be used with the HFA V1R3 CP-phone Software.

OpenScape Business
Common Release with OSBiz V2R6 FR2

OpenScape 4000
Release with OS4K V8R2

Deployment Server
Release with latest DLS V7R3 version, minimum DLS V7R3.510.00

Phone Software to use

This section gives an overview of the Phone Software to be used in the HFA V1R3 CP-phone field trial.

HFA CP Phone Software
OpenScape Desk Phone CP HFA V1 R3 (V1R3.4.0) or any newer version

Please note, you can find the Phone Software on the usual UNIFY Software Supply Server


This section provides the preliminary manuals.

HFA Administrator Documentation

OSBiz User Guides

OpenScape 4000 User Guides

General Remarks

Please use the dedicated Circuit Conversations for feedback.