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This Software Pool provides a collection of software files and packages used in this Wiki. You can download the software free of charge from this page or from other articles which have also related software download links.

PC software

HiPath Deployment Tool

PC application for administration of IP phones. For more information see article Deployment Tool.

Ressource Sharing Application

PC application for using the PC mouse and keyboard on optiPoint application module.

JAVA Software Development Kit

JAVA Midlet development environment.

PhoneBook Manager for optiPoint application module

PC application for transferring phone book data from the optiPoint application module to PC and vice versa.

PhoneBook Manager for optiPoint WL2/ WL2 SIP professional

PC application for transferring phone book data from the optiPoint WL2/ WL2 SIP professional to PC and vice versa.

PC driver

optiPoint 500 USB driver

PC driver to connect an optiPoint 500 phone with PC by an USB cable (e.g. to use the PhoneBook Manager).

Phone software


You can get the Open Source parts of the telephone software here.

optiPoint WL2 professional

Open Source Software parts used by the optiPoint WL2 professional, licensed under an Open Source Software License and developed by third parties.

optiPoint 400 standard to SIP migration

This software upgrades an optiPoint 400 standard to an optiPoint 400 standard SIP.

After the SIP migration, HFA is no longer available on the phone! A return to CorNet IP functions is not possible.

Platform software

Java applications

You can use this Java midlets e.g. on an optiPoint application module.

Other resources

Labelling tools

Tools to label the function keys on optiPoint 410 and optiPoint 500 phones.