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DECT Phone SL6
DECT Phone S6
DECT Phone R6
OpenStage M3

Unify offers a family of DECT Handsets that are ideal for employees who are constantly on the move, rarely staying in a single office long enough to warrant having a desktop phone. These Handsets enable locally mobile users to freely move around the company premises with constant access to the wide range of features of the OpenScape systems. They also offer excellent voice quality, low weight and, exceptional design.

The Unify DECT Phone family of Handsets operates with OpenScape Cordless infrastructure to deliver industry leading cordless telephony solutions based on the DECT radio technology standard. With Cordless infrastructures from Unify and those DECT Handsets, employees can move freely across the office and yet still be reached by peers or customers at any time.

  • Award-winning design and intuitive user interface
  • A reserved frequency band and DECT-standard encryption ensure a high level of security
  • Seamless handover of active voice connections between overlapping Cordless base stations enables users to move across the office or campus without dropped calls or lost connections
  • Long standby and talk times
  • All DECT Handsets from Unify are made in Germany

Phone range


The OpenScape DECT Phone SL6 is the slimmest and smallest DECT cordless handset in the portfolio, but with a large display; it satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of high end functionality and design and suits perfectly to various jobs. It is ideal for employees who are rarely at their desks. OpenScape DECT Phone SL6 is available for TDM and SIP environments.


The OpenScape DECT Phone S6 extends Unify best-in-class voice quality and feature-set to an elegant DECT cordless handset, making it the ideal device for managers and team leaders that require robust functionality from the office, the parking lot, or the boardroom. OpenScape DECT Phone S6 is available for TDM and SIP environments.


The OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base system is a phone system based on the DECT standard for connection to the analog port of the OpenScape systems. Excellent voice quality and high immunity to eavesdropping are prominent features of this system.


The OpenScape DECT Phone R6 is a robust handset and the right companion for challenging environments. It is water and dust-protected in accordance with the strict IP65 standard. It is designed specifically for such environments, with its rubber-coated back for a firm grip and a Spot LED flashing for incoming calls. OpenScape DECT Phone R6 is available for TDM and SIP environments.


The OpenStage M3 builds upon the portfolio’s industry-leading quality and features to deliver a robust phone for industrial environments and vertical markets. The OpenStage M3 Plus features a number of alarms to ensure the safety of workers in hazardous environments. In addition, the OpenStage M3 Ex (which also has a Plus variant with advanced alarm capabilities) is approved for usage in potentially explosive atmospheres. It is suitable for gas zone 1 and dust zone 21 explosive areas, it complies with the ATEX- directive 2014/34/EU. All OpenStage M3 models are IP65 certified. OpenStage M3 is available for TDM and SIP environments.


You can use this page to look for different carrying aids, belt clips and special-headsets -> DECT Handset accessory

Every DECT Handset package contains one belt clip and a battery package.


This page shows the different Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for the DECT Handset portfolio -> Declaration of Conformity

The DECT Handsets are shipped with a printed document providing brief instruction regarding installation and operation. For both user and administrators, a comprehensive and updated documentation is provided as PDF files, please consider the different DECT Handset pages.

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The UNIFY DECT handsets have been tested with the most common used disinfectants -> chemical resistance testing


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