OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base

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The OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base is a mobile phone system based on DECT/GAP- standards for analogue-interface connection to the OpenScape systems. OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base consists of one DECT base station and the OpenScape DECT Phone S6 handset. DECT multi cell system could be not realized with OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base - for that purpose are the OpenScape Cordless solutions available.
The OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base is the successor of OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Base .

Additional feature Set OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Base:

    • analog interface connection to HiPath-/OpenScape- systems
    • Up to 6 handsets can be registered per DECT Base Station
    • EU Power plug for the DECT base station
  • Features with more than one DECT handset:
    • Max. 2 calls simultaneously (one external and one internal)
    • Transfer of external calls to another handset (“Connect”)
    • as internal handset call an single or all handsets (“Group Call”)
    • Consult a internal handset or establish an conference call between one internal or external user
    • Directory transfer between the handsets

Technical data

  • Color: black
  • Wall mountable
  • Dimensions (H × W × D in mm): 92 x 121 x 50

Information and Documentation

symb-docu.gif Documentation in further languages, software and other downloads can be found on
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