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[[Image:op410std-p.jpg|thumb|optiPoint 410 economy]]
[[Image:op410std-p.jpg|thumb|optiPoint 410 economy]]

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optiPoint 410 economy

The optiPoint 410 economy is part of the optiPoint 410/420 phone family. Typically this phone satisfies all the users which require at least a display in their phone to see the callers name/number.

Key Features

Purpose / Comments

For the frequent user who requests popular telephony features like transfer, hold, call waiting and number/name delivery. The user does not use headsets and the phone is typically not operated along with a PC. Note: Local conference is not supported.

Recommended Locations / Scenarios

  • Office environment
  • Second phone for manager/secretary
  • Hotels
  • Points of service in shops/stores
  • Libraries
  • Administrative authorities

Key Labelling

To label the function keys of this telephone you can use the Key Labelling Tool.