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| Phone plays DTMF digits if called while dialing
| Phone plays DTMF digits if called while dialing
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| Providertest No Registration with DNS Name for SIP Server

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The optiPoint 150 S Release Notes describe descending sorted new features, fixed firmware bugs and open issues for appropriate firmware versions of the optiPoint 150 S (Deutschland optiPoint 150 S).

Software versioning / naming

A new software versioning scheme was introduced, it requires that a new versioning name should be adopted for each software product.
Software product version will be now identified with the string:

V x[.y] R m.f.h

in which field:

  • x[.y] denotes the Major release level
  • m denotes the Minor release level
  • f denotes the Fix release level
  • h denotes the Hotfix level

This naming convention scheme does not imply any naming requirements for file / files available.

More informations on the New Software Versioning scheme wiki page.

V1 R0.31.0

What’s New ?

ID Cluster Title Summary
... ... Allow alpha numeric phone number, phone name and user ID ...
... ... Symmetric UDP Ports ...
... ... Support DNS query SRV ...
... ... Support DNS TTL ...
... ... Support RFC3264 hold for Broadsoft ...

Fixed Bugs

ID Cluster Summary
... ... Special characters like /, -, @ are now possible to be entered under SIP setup/ SIP settings in the Web based management.
... ... No Fallback to Inband DTMF
... ... Number not dialed when going offhook
... ... Phone plays DTMF digits if called while dialing onhook
... ... No Registration to SIP Server when DNS name is a canonicle name for an alias
... ... No automatic callback if a semi-attanded transfer is initiated before Ringing
... ... No Ringback tone when doing enquiry
... ... Semi Attended TRansfer does not work on HiPath 2000 V1.0
... ... DNS TTL does not work
... ... Sylantro ID1.6 Inbound Call when Busy LCD display error
... ... Sylantro ID3.6 Call-Waiting Interrupted LCD display error
... ... Call log list always shows the oldest entry at first
... ... Phone plays DTMF digits if called while dialing

Known & Open Issues

ID Summary Workaround
... The Time Format and Date Format are not changed according to country standard ...
... Be able to disable *99 at Sylantro ...

V1 R0.28.0

What’s New?

Internal ID Cluster New feature Comment
N/A Sylantro Special call park feature for Sylantro V4.0 Fixed
N/A Sylantro Special call pick-up feature for Sylantro V4.0 Fixed
N/A Sylantro Distinctive ringing for Sylantro V4.0 Fixed

Fixed Bugs and new features since Version 1.22

  • Broadsoft: DHCP Trouble - phone couldn't obtain IP adress via DHCP shortly
  • Broadsoft: Should not perform SRV lookup if service domain IPv4 format
  • Broadsoft: Failover/failback mechanism
  • Broadsoft: Support RFC 3264 Hold for Broadsoft
  • IP: New default QoS L3 values (Signalling: AF31 (DSCP 26) and RTP: EF (DSCP 46)
  • Admin: Possible to configure Call forwarding at the phone when connected to HP3k, HP4k)Now neither WBM nor local admin can configure CF in this case
  • General: Possibiliy to use special characters in SIP-ID like (@, /, %) needed for registration on some of the SIP providers.
  • Support of DNS query SRV (DNS_SRV)
  • General: alphanumeric SIP_ID’s now possible (e.g.
  • General: Short loud tone when call disconnected (after hook-on for about 200 ms)
  • General: Calltransfer not possible after toggle between calls
  • General: The "Port field" in the SIP settings should aleady have a default value 5060.
  • General: To stay conform with other Siemens phones the default Codec Settings of the OP150S should be changed to "G.711A > G.711U > G.72x"
  • General: Not possible to dial after first call was made with Hook on.
  • General: Telnet access to optiPoint 150 S
  • LAN: phone doesn’t register, if L2 QoS value is set
  • LAN: VLAN ID can’t be reset to None
  • HiPath 3000: Toggle between calls not possible
  • HiPath 3000: Do not disturb is not working
  • HiPath 3000: No Ringback tone when calling Upoe or HFA phone @ HP3k (complies now to RFC 3960 sect 3.2)
  • HiPath 3000: Busy tone after attended Call transfer
  • HiPath 3000: HP3k-HP3k trunking, no payload after transfer
  • Phone GUI: Remove possibility to configure Call Forwarding when connected to HiPath 2000, HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000, HiPath 5000
  • Telnet port disabled
  • Sylantro: Distinctive Ringing (Sylantro) supported

Known & Open Issues

  • HiPath 3000: Blind (semi-attended) transfer doesn’t work
  • Not possible to dial, after first call was made with Hook on
  • Symmetric use of UDP ports

V1 R0.22.0

Fixed Bugs and new features:

  • VLAN ID can't be configured via Phone
  • Blind transfer does not work oh H8000
  • After factory reset it is still possible to log in as user defined in last saved configuration
  • Admin password is not reset after factory reset
  • Disable Telnet Access at the optiPoint 150