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* [[COLR|Connected Line Identification Restriction (COLR)]]
* [[COLR|Connected Line Identification Restriction (COLR)]]
== See also ==
{{SeeAlso optiPoint 150 S}}
* [[optiPoint connectivity to HiPath 8000#optiPoint_150_S|optiPoint 150 S connectivity to HiPath 8000]]
* [[optiPoint connectivity to HiPath 8000]]
* [[optiPoint connectivity to Broadsoft#optiPoint_150_S|optiPoint 150 S connectivity to Broadsoft]]
* [[optiPoint connectivity to Broadsoft]]
* [[optiPoint connectivity to Sylantro#optiPoint_150_S|optiPoint 150 S connectivity to Sylantro]]
* [[optiPoint connectivity to Sylantro]]

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This page will provide you with information about available features when connectiong the optiPoint 150 S to a certain SIP communiction system as for example a HiPath system.

Supported Platforms

HiPath 2000 V1.0 R9.5.0, HiPath 3000/5000 V6.0 (SMR 9)

HiPath 4000 V3.0 (6.0.0)

HiPath 8000 V2.0, V2.2




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