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{{up}} [[Phones]] | {{de}} [[optiPoint 150 S (de)|optiPoint 150 S]]
{{FeatureBox Phone
|IMAGE = op150s-p.jpg
|FAMILY = optiPoint
|DISPLAY = 2-line alphanumeric display (16 characters each)
|KEYS = 8 function keys, 2 control keys, 3 dialog keys
|POE = on IEEE802.3af
|CODECS = G.711 a/μ-law, G.723.1A, G.729 AB
|WALL = Yes
The '''optiPoint 150 S''' is a SIP phone with an optimum price/performance ratio. For the enterprise area it is a device for starters but it is also perfect for home users connected to SIP providers (like for example sipgate or others) operating standard SIP platforms like [[wpde:Asterisk|Asterisk]] or other standard SIP platforms.
The optiPoint 150 S has been released in 05/2006.
The phone supports a set of basic [[#Call features|Call features]] like Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Message Waiting Indication and others.
The optiPoint 150 S offers among other things an inserted phone directory (100 entries), call list administration and is simple to administer via a Webbrowser.
For larger [[#Deployment|deployment]]s there is a mechanism available for automatic distribution of configuration files in order to avoid to configure each phone on-site.
== Documentation ==
=== Phone documentation ===
* {{File-DL|Flyer optiPoint 150 S|pdf}}
* {{File-DL|Datasheet optiPoint 150 S|pdf}}
* {{File-DL|User Manual optiPoint 150 S|pdf}}
* {{File-DL|Administration Manual optiPoint 150 S|pdf}}
=== Miscellanous ===
* {{File-DL|CE approval optiPoint 150 S|pdf}}
* {{File-DL|SIEMENS Internal order numbers optiPoint 150 S|pdf}}
== Supported platforms ==
The optiPoint 150 S can be integrated into several SIP communication systems.
{| {{DefaultTable}}
! Platform
! Comment
! Configuration documents
| [,1272196.s_4,&sdc_sid=25349254659& HiPath 2000]
| (planned for release in December 2006)
| {{File-DL|Name HP2k Admin manual|pdf}}
| [,1272196.s_4,&sdc_sid=25349780716& HiPath 3000/5000]
| (planned for release in December 2006)
| {{File-DL|Name of HP3/5k admin manual|pdf}}
| [ HiPath 4000]
| (Release planned for end of November 2006)
| {{File-DL|Name of HP4k Admin manual|pdf}}
| [ HiPath 8000]
| (released since May 2006)
| {{File-DL|Feature Description Guide HP8k V2.1|pdf}}<br/> see also [[optiPoint_connectivity_to_HiPath8000|HiPath 8000 Universe]]
| [ Asterisk]
| released
| {{File-DL|Asterisk config guide|pdf}}
| [[optiPoint connectivity to Broadsoft|Broadsoft]]
| Approval coming soon
| {{File-DL|Verweis auf Extranet NDA|pdf}}
| [[optiPoint connectivity to Sylantro|Sylantro]]
| Released and approved by Sylantro
| {{File-DL|Verweis auf extranet NDA|pdf}}
For detailed interoperability information please check [[Interoperability matrix optiPoint 150 S]].<br>
Depending on what platform the optiPoint 150 S is connected to the [[optiPoint 150 S - Platform Feature Support|scope of provided features]] may be varying.
Beside this, connectivity to several SIP providers in Germany is supported. For configuration hints see the [[How To]] article [[Setup the optiPoint 150 S with several provider]].<br/>
With regard to further SIP providers on a world-wide basis it is recommended to carry out testing as there are many SIP platforms (also from other vendors) claiming to fulfill SIP standards.
== Call features ==
Features in a SIP environment can either be offered by the phone itself, i.e. '''locally''' or '''centrally''' ([[B2BUA]]) by a SIP application server.
The optiPoint 150 S supports a number of local SIP services. Except for the Sylantro platform the access to central services via [[Feature Access Codes]] is not possible.
For a comparison of English/German terms see [[Call feature term comparison English/German]].
=== Local Call SIP-Features ===
* [[Alternate]]
* [[Consultation]]
* [[CT|Call Transfer]] (attended, semi-attended)
* [[CF|Call Forwarding]] (unconditional, on No Reply, on Busy)
* [[CW|Call Waiting]]
* [[DND|Do Not Disturb]]
* [[Distinctive Ringing]]
* [[DTMF]] (in-band, out-band)
* [[Hold]]
* [[3PTY|Local three-party conference]]
* [[MWI|Message Waiting Indication]]
* [[Multiple Line]]
* [[Off-hook Ringing]]
* [[STUN]]
=== Other User relevant features ===
* [[Call log]] (missed, dialed, answered)
* [[Ring tones|Country specific ring tones]]
* [[Dial Plan]]
* [[Off-hook dialing]]
* [[On-hook dialing]]
* [[Phone book]]
* [[Mute]]
* [[Open listening]]
* [[Redial]]
* [[Ring tones]] (switch on/off)
For details please have a look in the optiPoint 150 S [[#Documentation|documentation]] (e.g. datasheet).
== Firmware/Software ==
Below you find both information about current and obsolete firmware releases and the Software itself. As The SIP firmware for the optiPoint 150 S does not provide any encryption capabilities you can feel free to download SW from here immediately to [[optiPoint 150 S Software Upgrade Methodology|update]] your phone. Please do not distribute the SW across the Internet.
=== Current software releases ===
{| {{DefaultTable}}
! Version
! Release
! Release date
! Release notes
! Download
! Also known as
| V1.0
| R0.31.0
| 15/12/2006
| [[optiPoint 150 S Release Notes#V1.31|Release Note for V1.31]]
| {{File-DL|oP150S_v131|img}}
| V1.31
| V1.0
| R0.28.0
| 08/11/2006
| [[optiPoint 150 S Release Notes#V1.28|Release Note for V1.28]]
| {{File-DL|oP150S_v128|img}}
| V1.28
| V1.0
| R0.22.0
| 05/10/2006
| [[optiPoint 150 S Release Notes#V1.23|Release Note for V1.22]]
| {{File-DL|oP150S_v122|img}}
| V1.22
To get an overview of all release notes for the optiPoint 150 S see the [[optiPoint 150 S Release Notes|history of all Release Notes]].
== Deployment ==
The optiPoint 150 S can be administered in different ways:
# Locally on the phone display.
# By [[WBM|web-browser]].
# Parameter- and firmware distribution automated via [[TFTP]]-Server.
Especially in bigger roll-out Scenarios options 1 and 2 are not adequate.
For further information on how to do mass deployment for the optiPoint 150 S phones see [[optiPoint 150 S Mass Deployment procedure]].
Remark: oP 150 S is not integrated in the IP-phone element manager - Deployment Service (DLS)
== See also ==
* {{de}} [[optiPoint 150 S FAQ (de)]]
* {{en}} [[optiPoint 150 S FAQ ]]
* {{en}} [[PoE classes of optiPoint phones]]
== External links ==
[|Official Siemens website of optiPoint SIP phones]
[ Webshop]

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