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Hello Krutzger,

you wrote "Updated Compartibility Matrix to only list System/Application versions that are still in Support. OpenStage HFA Version only lists version currently available on SWS." as a side note of your very recent page alterations on OpenStage HFA Interoperability Matrix.

I have to say I disagree about your changes. Mainly because, IMHO, this wiki should not exactly reflects what's the actual state of SWS published software nor it should easily "forget" about the history of a products/applications (read: delete every trace of it as it was never existed at all).

There are a lot of customers/users/experts that use/know/have older systems/applications (you can call them unsupported but the truth is that not all of them are in this declared state right now) and finding a coherent source of informations about them is still very important.

So why not simply and intelligently move (other than deleting it) all the references of older products/applications' versions in another spaces/pages and then link those spaces/pages to the ones you consider the only one that deservers constant updates?

In general: is this still a Wiki website or is this Wiki website becoming (more or less) just a fashion shop's window? ...for which old dresses are trashed away (=no memory of the past) without any for or reasoning to simply make room, day by day, only to newer ones (=take care only of the present)?

Before deleting a piece of information we should understand that is more important to learn the informations given, eventually fix them and/or update them. Don't destroy by cleaning...just start to create which is more difficult.

What's your (or the one of Siemens Wiki website's board of responsible) opinion on that behaviour?

IMHO, is very important to understand what are the underneath rules governing this Wiki...because your answer could then force you (and the Experts too) to think about what exactly both "Experts Wiki" and "Wiki" words mean really now here.